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VivExilis Review

VivExilis Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesVivExilis is manufactured in the U.S. and is owned by USA HEALTHGEN LLC. The company is located in Tuscon Arizona. VivExilis has not been on the market for long and claims to help burn fat, suppress appetite and improve overall health.* There are no known preservatives in the formula, and on the website it is pretty vague and only shows a few before and after photos which does not really convince many customers up front. The only place you can purchase this supplement is off of their official website.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The VivExilis Diet?

Since VivExilis has been on the market for only a few months there are no customer testimonials or long time users who could report the effectiveness of this drug.*

Ingredients are listed on their home page at www.vivexilis.com Ingredients:
Garcinia Cambogia, Caralluma Fimbriata, Fucoxanthin, Gymnema Sylvestre, White Kidney Bean, Saffron, Turmeric,and Veggie Caps.*

Although it does look like the product is all natural and does not contain any caffeine it falls short to prove any effectiveness without including a dietary plan, which is not included with the supplements. The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all unused bottles, so if you try out the bottle of supplements and do not like it you are in real trouble. Always be sure and read the fine print before ordering a newer product such as this one, because many times the company is still working out the details.

Here are a few testimonials that we were able to source online from verified customers.

…this product DO NOT WORK, I didn’t loose a single pound! I call them and the customer service is deplorable the 30 days guarantee be aware!!!! it only if you bought more that one bottle and those bottle are un open the one you used or if you still had some pills like mine, they do not refund the money and on top of that the charge you $10 for shipping and handling not refundable. If you disagreed with the person on the live chat (they have one, I don’t know why because thee are not helpful ) they cut the chat and stop talking to you, when you are just stating the facts on the website. The product do not state in the bottle how much of the ingredients are in , not percentage . I give this product a big 0, in every aspect.I give a star because I cant give none!“, says Lola

Don’t waste your money it does not WORK??????“, says Carol

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Is The VivExilis Diet Easy To Follow?

The recommendation is to take 4 capsules daily. First dose should be taken with an 8 oz glass of water, 30 minutes before breakfast. Second dose is recommended before lunch. There is nothing too hard about this, and the bottle of pills is small enough to fit in your purse or bag which is one positive.

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With the product being on the market for just a short while we are very skeptical to believe the claims and testimonials. The product page claims that there have been clinical studies done to prove its effectiveness but when we inquired about the studies they were not available.* There is not a single ounce of backing to this statement, and it is rather vague which leads us to believe these studies did not actually happen in the first place. Maybe give this supplement a few years to gain credibility before wasting your money on trying a bottle that may not work for you in the first place.

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