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TurboSlim Chronoactiv Diet Review

TurboSlim Chronoactiv Diet Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesTurboSlim Chronoactiv is a dietary weight loss supplement that has both daytime and nighttime tablets. Both are included in the same package and are recommended to be taken at certain points in the day.

The daytime supplement is said to burn fat and eliminate toxins while the nighttime supplement is said to decrease the storage of fat while firming and toning the body. The makers of TurboSlim Chronoactiv, Forte Pharma Laboratories, say that this is due to the special list of ingredients that can be found in TurboSlim Chronoactiv. Some of the so-called wonder ingredients include Ash Leaf, Guarana Seed Extract, Mate Leaf Extract, and Cola Nut in the daytime formula with Bamboo Nodes, Rice Bran, White Kidney Bean Extract, and Argan Fruit Oil present in the nighttime formula.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The TurboSlim Chronoactiv Diet?

Dieters using the TurboSlim Chronoactiv supplements might experience a moderate amount of weight loss, but this would likely be due to some of the ingredients. There are both a laxative and caffeine present in the TurboSlim Chronoactiv formulas which can help with weight loss to a certain extent, but the weight that is lost would simply be water weight, which is easily put back on.

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Is The TurboSlim Chronoactiv Diet Easy To Follow?

TurboSlim Chronoactiv is in tablet form and is to be taken orally. There are specific instructions for each formula, but that is where the ease with this product stops. Because TurboSlim Chronoactiv contains a laxative and caffeine that means users will experience dehydration if they do not compensate with extra amounts of water throughout the day.*

In addition, the presence of caffeine can cause stomach irritation and other side effects. This can be especially troubling for those who already have a sensitive stomach.

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TurboSlim Chronoactiv is a product that promises a lot with the advertising, but the small print says otherwise. While there is no official website for TurboSlim Chronoactiv, places that do sell it show in small print that the product needs to be taken for at least two months to be effective. At around $35 per box that can prove costly.

More troubling though is the claim that the formulas are all-natural when they in fact contain caffeine.* There is no mention of this anywhere which is especially troubling as the caffeine combined with the laxative can, and will, make you dehydrated if you are not careful. Even if combined with proper diet and nutrition, TurboSlim Chronoactiv is a product that is best left on the shelf.

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