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The Thyroid Connection Review

The Thyroid Connection Review
8.5 Total Score
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Thyroid Connection is a book written by Dr. Amy Myers, and it is supposed to help educate a person with a potential thyroid disorder on how to get their life back on track. Many people do not associate weight gain, sluggishness, and brain fog with a thyroid problem, but it could just be the culprit. Dr. Amy aims to provide ample amounts of information for those who might be affected. To connect a thyroid disorder and autoimmune disease with weight gain, you must get tested first. Many times doctors will not even screen you for a thyroid disorder unless you ask them, which can be very frustrating for those involved. Many times autoimmune disorders can cause unexplained weight gain and loss of energy. [1]  What are autoimmune diseases? If you are not familiar with what an autoimmune disease looks like or the names for them, I will explain below. According to Women’s Health, the immune system normally does a good job of deciphering between an object that is foreign and one that is not. The body naturally produces autoantibodies, but when you have an autoimmune disorder, they attack normal cells just like they would attack a foreign cell. Special cells called T-cells fail to keep the immune system working smoothly, which causes an unnecessary attack on the body. There are over 80 different diseases out there known today that can affect the body in many different ways. [2]  Aside from more scary conditions like thyroid cancer; Hashimoto’s disease, Celiac’s disease, and Grave’s disease are some common autoimmune disorders than can go undiagnosed and wreak havoc on your weight loss goals or way of life. Hashimoto’s disease happens when the body has an underactive thyroid, therefore your body is not creating enough of the thyroid hormone. This can result in weight gain, fatigue, facial swelling, stiff joints, hair loss, and weakness throughout the body. Celiac disease is simply when the body cannot tolerate the wheat protein gluten. It can damage the small lining of the intestines and cause abdominal discomfort, bloating, constipation, and itchy skin or rashes around the body. Lastly, Grave’s disease is the opposite of Hashimoto’s and it is when the body overproduces the thyroid hormone causing weight loss, insomnia, irritability, fine brittle hair, and light menstrual periods.   As you can see from the few examples above, these diseases can affect your everyday way of life, especially if you are struggling with your weight and overall health. Amy Myers is a thyroid doctor and an author who understands the struggle, as she went through it herself and she was also misdiagnosed as many people are. The book aims to educate the reader on:

  1. How to work with your doctor and get the right tests and lab results to get to the root of the problem.
  2. Understand what foods to eat to support both your immune system and thyroid.
  3. How to tame toxins that cause flare ups with your thyroid.
  4. Heal infections that make your thyroid worse.
  5. Understand relaxation techniques that can help your thyroid heal.
  6. Implement a 28-day plan to get the above actions into play. [3]

How Is A Thyroid Disorder Diagnosed?

In an interview done with Dr. Myers, she discusses thyroid symptoms that can prompt you to suspect you need testing. The thyroid gland is a powerful little part of the body that regulates a lot of life. She says she runs a complete thyroid panel on her patients, so she can better understand what the pituitary gland is up to. She is looking at the levels of T4 (Free), T3 (Reverse and Free), TSH, TPO, TG, and AB to rule out any autoimmune disorder. She is also looking for nutrient levels in the body of certain vitamins and minerals like A, C, D, zinc, and magnesium.   If your levels of T4 and T3 are off you could have what is called “hypothyroidism” where your thyroid is underactive, or hyperthyroidism which is a thyroid that is overactive. Each type of diagnosis comes with its shared set of problems and requires certain medication in order to regulate your levels. Along with thyroid medication, Dr. Myers focuses on optimizing your diet. Understanding your thyroid health is essential to getting to the root of the problem and staying healthy. Whether it be supplemental, through diet, or medication from your doctor, there are ways to control the thyroid. [4]

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Word On The Street About The Thyroid Connection

So now that we know a little background on this book, what its content is like, and why she wrote it, what do readers have to say about it? There has been a much needed light to shine on this topic for many years, and people struggling with these disorders feel somewhat relieved to know they are not going crazy for feeling the way they do, and that there are ways to help cure them of their diseases. Most people enjoyed the book and found it to be helpful in breaking down the information that is otherwise hard to comprehend. Others felt the author was doing more “selling” of her supplements than genuinely wanting to help educate people on their thyroid conditions.   Elizabeta (2016, 4 star),  

“Bunch of useful information. The beginning of the book was a little repetitive and I couldn’t wait to get to the core of the thyroid functioning. But now I finally understand how the thyroid works. I also like that there were a lot of advice for people with a lot of resources and for those who can’t afford going all the way.” [5]
MCS (2016, 2 star),  
“You can’t get through one page without being pushed into purchasing Dr Myers’s expensive supplements. I was so excited about this book and by the time I was a third though, all I read about was the Myers Way and her products. This knowledge is not that new and I just wish it wasn’t about her making more money.” [6]  
Margie (2017, 5 star),  
“Great book. I have thyroid condition but didn’t understand what was going on. This book has helped me to put the pieces of puzzle together and now I can make better decisions. Still learning!” [7]  
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The Bottom Line: Is The Thyroid Connection Worth A Read?

Yes.  If you are one of those people who struggles for answers regarding your unexplained fatigue, weight loss/gain, or just brain fog, this might be a good book to look into further. So many people go undiagnosed these days when they have a problem with their thyroid. It is not very common that a doctor will offer to run tests for you, so just knowing the right questions to ask is good information to know. Along with information, testing, and a diagnosis, this book can also help with recipes that will keep your thyroid and body happy. Don’t fall victim to just settling with your thyroid disorder and educate yourself on the potentials so you can rule out possibilities.

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