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The HMR Diet Review

The HMR Diet Review
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Reading Time: 4 minutesThe HMR Weight Management System was founded in 1983, and its headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. HMR stands for “Health Management Resources”, and they are a subsidiary of Merck, a company based out of New Jersey. While at first glance on the website this program may seem put together, and “the whole package” for any dieter’s needs, it is actually quite expensive when it is all said and done. Depending on the plans you purchase you will spend on average (when going through a six-week course) anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 in clinic, or $300 dollars for the three-week home program.* Wow. This diet program comes with three options:

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  1. You can participate in one of their 40 clinics with a hands-on approach called the “Decision Free” package, where there will be 500-800 calories allowed per day, and you will be medically supervised. Please note that there are not clinics in every state. To see a list click here.
  2. You can participate in the “Healthy Solutions” plan, which is an at-home plan that allows 1,200-1,400 calories per day, with an option to come to the clinic or be self-guided from home. Please note, in all of these packages, the purchase of their food and snacks is required.
  3. Finally, you can order the “Healthy Shakes” program, which is at-home only, and 1,400 calories per day are allowed. Materials and support are included.

The Three Phases Of Each Program

Phase 1: Quick Start To Weight Loss: In this phase, you will replace your regular meals with HMR snacks and weight loss shakes everyday. If you are on certain plans, you are allowed to add fruits and vegetables to those snacks and shakes.*

Phase 2: Weight Management: You move to this phase when you hit your weight goal. You will move into real-world situations and learn how to effectively eat out, travel, and socialize while sticking to the plan and its nutritional boundaries.*

Phase 3: Long-Term Self-Management: Certain plans are provided if you need additional help with weight management after the program is completed.*

Their support number is 1-800-418-1367, and when I called to get some questions answered, they were prompt to explain their packages and their 60-day money back guarantee. In fine print at the checkout, be clear on the terms and conditions, as you may get hit with recurring fees as the months go on.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On the HMR Diet?

The diet provides weight loss shakes, bars, snacks, entrees, and even some light desserts. You will be ordering this food when you sign up for your program, and be mindful that many of these food items come on an auto-ship timeframe, so be careful what you sign up for if you are not keen on this type of business practice. While there are hardly any authentic reviews outside of the website (not patrolled by HMR’s website), I was able to find ingredient lists to some of their food items, which may speak volumes. The ingredients to some (if not all) of their food choices include modified food starch, corn syrup, sugar, cane sugar, fructose, fractionated palm kernel oil, soy protein isolate, and sucrose just to name a few. Honestly, this is all crap and it is not good for your long-term health.* For how expensive this weight loss program is, you would think they would provide the customer with somewhat healthy food options. Wrong.

For how expensive the program can run you (depending on the type of program you choose, and if you decide to visit their clinics or not), this program better be full of good ingredients and counseling. So far from what I’ve seen, the ingredients are downright awful, and the clinic sessions are average. What happens when you get off of the diet program and have to transition into healthy eating on your own? The realistic probability of keeping the weight off may be slim.

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Is The HMR Diet Easy To Follow?

Just to get an understanding of the packages, pricing, and clinic classes, it is going to be time consuming in general. Then you have to actually start the diet, pick out the food (which doesn’t show to have quality ingredients), and finally, if you want to visit a clinic, you will be paying a pretty penny for it. Overall this is not an easy program to follow for those reasons alone, not to mention some of the side effects that come with the food items. Some people said that the shakes gave them headaches due to the aspartame that was in them – yuck! I scoured the website for any scientific evidence as to why their program is proven for weight loss and could not find a single article, which was unsettling.*

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HMR Side Effects

Just as most side effects, they may not apply to every consumer, but there are a few to be weary of. These side effects include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, dehydration, and cravings.

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This is a very expensive weight loss option that is not completely proven to give you results. Not many people can shell out thousands of dollars for a program that will not even give them studies as to why their program may work for their weight loss. The food is low in calories, but the ingredients are not up to par when it comes to actual health and wellness. They do provide social media networks to their customer base – or potential customer base – but the numbers are not impressive. The activity levels are painfully low, which tells me their customer base is not supporting them through any social media. Usually when people like a program, they will talk about it openly, and this is certainly not happening. This is not a program I would recommend for the long-haul weight loss journey due to the cost, ingredients, and lack of authentic customer reviews.

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