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Texas Superfood Review

Texas Superfood Review
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  • Whole food ingredients
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Texas Superfood is a whole food nutritional supplement in the form of a green powder. It has over 55 ingredients which are a combination of algae, grasses, enzymes, veggies, and fruits. There is no indication on the bottle of where the ingredients come from. Do the ingredients originate from organic fruits, grasses, veggies, and algae’s or not? This product was created by the company NuPlexa and the founder Dr. Dennis Black. Lastly, the product can look deceiving as to what it actually is (example: a capsule or powder). This review  in particular is based on the powder.

I do want to start this review off by saying this company has been in a bit of trouble with the FDA, back in 2015. In the letter it reads,

“Investigators with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted an inspection of your facility, located at 2387 Midway Road, Carrollton, Texas, from February 26, 2014 through March 6, 2014.  Based on our inspection and subsequent review of your product labeling collected during the inspection, as well as your firm’s website, we found serious violations of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (the Act) and its implementing regulations.” [1]

The company is based out of Utah: 1180 N. Mountain Springs Pkwy Springville, UT 84663

How Does Texas Superfood Work?

The name of this product is confusing until you actually see what it is, in bottle form. At first I thought this was going to be an actual food that one purchases to lose weight, but quickly realized where the company was going with the name. For a 30 serving container (180 grams) it will cost $60 plus shipping, which is a very expensive superfood supplement when it is all said and done. When looking at the FAQ’s section on the website, it was confirmed that the fruits and veggies in the powder are not organic. [2]

So back to how this product actually works, it comes in the form of a powder and you will use one level scoop each serving with 8-10 ounces of water or take 4-6 capsules in total throughout the day with your meals depending on which superfood you purchased. There are three different products to choose from:

  • Complete Powder: $79.95 for 30 servings
  • Complete Capsules: $79.95 6 capsules per servings 30 day supply
  • Capsules: $63.45 6 capsules per servings 30 day supply
  • Powder: $63.45 for 30 servings
  • SuperFood Essentials Capsules: $17.50 4 capsules per 30 day supply
The Bottom Line
If you are purchasing the capsules most of the different superfood products require a total intake of 6 capsules throughout the day. Only the Essentials requires only 4 capsules throughout the day. The powders are all 1 level scoop with liquid of your choice 8-10 ounces.
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Is Texas Superfood Safe?

There is nothing “dangerous” about taking this supplement. They do provide an ingredient list to the customer which I am happy about. The ingredients are based off of whole food ingredients, and there are 5 of them (quite long).   See the list of ingredients below see the links:

Complete: https://amzn.to/2ZLNJ6n

Original: https://amzn.to/2WgehKW

The Bottom Line
This product is not dangerous to take, but do be mindful that the product should be taken as advised.
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Pros and Cons of Texas Superfood

I will start off by addressing the elephant in the room, and just come out to say that everyone that has tried this product noted they felt the product was priced way too high. “After reading all the hipe on this product I truly expected more. I don’t notice it to be any different than other superfood and the price is too much.” [3] On top of the high price the product did not seem to stand out from other superfood products minus the expensive cost. The other notable con was already listed above, regarding trouble with the FDA.

The pros come in the fact that the superfood capsules are filled with whole food ingredients and will be good for your body. The last real pro is the return policy which says:

“All refunds will be issued within 30 days from the receipt of a returned product accompanied by a valid RMA number. Customers are provided the option of either a refund using the original method of payment or a store credit equal to 100% of the purchase price.” [4] This is with a full or empty bottle, but nothing after 30 days.

The Bottom Line
This is an expensive product compared to most wholefood/ superfood capsules and powders out on the market today. It did not make its customers feel that much different, but it is also not dangerous to take either. It is a rather so so product when looking at the pros, cons, and pricing.
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Overall, this is not an impressive product for weight loss and overall health. It is a saturated market and the competitors are better priced for the most part, which hurts The Texas Superfood company. Sure, this superfood product will help you get all of the fruits and veggies you could ever want into your diet but they are not going to be organic. It may even be cheaper to just go out and buy the fruits and veggies yourself. There is no word on how the body will actually absorb all 55 of those ingredients efficiently. Overall, with the trouble this company has had with the FDA they already started off on a poor foot. The price hasn’t helped either.

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7.3 Total Score
Texas Superfood Scorecard

  • Whole food ingredients
  • Very expensive
  • Only 30 day money back guarantee
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