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Subway Diet Review

Subway Diet Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesWhile there is no official Subway Diet, anyone who has watched television over the last decade or so has seen Subway commercials that feature a man named Jared Fogle who lost a tremendous amount of weight by simply eating Subway foods. Subway capitalized on Fogle’s success story and thus the legend of the Subway Diet was born.

Basically, the unofficial Subway Diet has a participant eating two meals (usually lunch and dinner) that consist of a low fat and a low calorie Subway six inch sub. The rest of the meals and snacks throughout the day should also be low fat and low calorie and if you want to do it the way Jared Fogle did, then you have to walk daily as well.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Subway Diet?

Dieters can lose weight on the Subway Diet if they go about it the right way. First, you have to be certain you are only eating the six inch subs from Subway that are low fat and low calorie. In addition, you have to be sure the rest of your meals and snacks are also low fat and low calorie. Exercise will also help determine if you lose weight on the Subway Diet and how much you lose.

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Is the Subway Diet Easy to Follow?

The Subway Diet is not an easy diet to follow. First off, there are only a few six inch subs at Subway that actually fit the category of low fat and low calorie so eating the same subs over and over again can get old in a hurry. You also have to be aware of the type of bread you get your sub on as many of the breads Subway makes are not all that low in fat and calories.

Additionally, there is no guide to the Subway Diet so you are on your own after you eat your two subs from Subway. If you like a program with structure, then this diet is not going to be easy for you to follow.

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The Subway Diet is a clever advertising ploy that Subway has been able to parlay into much success, but the diet is not cheap. To do the diet the way it is suggested you are looking at over $300 per month and that doesn’t include your food for other meals and snacks. Two six inch subs per day and two diet sodas per day can easily equal $10 per day or more and again, that is only covering two meals a day.

The Subway Diet sounds like all you have to do is eat Subway subs and you will lose weight. Unfortunately, there are no magic ingredients in Subway subs that allow you to eat what you like from the restaurant and still lose weight. In order for it to work you have to eat low fat and low calorie all day and while at a Subway restaurant. While many may have come to know “Jared the Subway guy,” the truth is he only lost weight because he exercised daily and strictly cut his calories which he would have accomplished even without eating Subway subs.

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