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Smart Sugar Diet Review

Smart Sugar Diet Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Smart Sugar Diet was created by Anne Alexander, who is the editorial director of Prevention Magazine. The diet book is said to help dieters learn how to avoid foods that contain high amounts of sugars, both obvious and what are known as sugar bombs, and also claims to have the dieter break their sugar addition within 32 days.

The Smart Sugar Diet consists of an initial step down process, and then four phases that first take sugar away completely, and then reintroduce the proper sugars in proper amounts. When followed properly, the Smart Sugar Diet promises a sensible amount of weight loss in the 32 days of the diet.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Smart Sugar Diet?

Dieters who follow the Smart Sugar Diet to the letter will certainly lose weight, at least in the short term. This will be due to the massive reduction in calories as the Smart Sugar Diet cuts down sugars or cuts them out altogether. However, once the initial 32 days of the diet are over, it will be up to the individual dieter to maintain what they have learned while on the Smart Sugar Diet and avoid adding back the sugars that have been eliminated.

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Is The Smart Sugar Diet Easy To Follow?

The Smart Sugar Diet is a super restrictive diet and will therefore not be that easy to follow, especially for those who are used to having vast amounts of sugar each day. For example, the first phase, known as The Tough Love Turnaround Phase, takes all sugars out of the diet, even fruit. This kind of cold turkey removal of all sugars is not only going to prove tough for many, but it may also come with some unwanted side effects, such as headaches and jitters.

Also, removing all sugars from a diet is easier said than done. Unless a dieter has experience in cooking and preparing foods that are totally sugar free, they may experience trouble trying to make meals that fit into the Smart Sugar Diet profile as their sample menus are limited.

In addition, the Smart Sugar Diet calls for working out 45 minutes per day, six days per week. However, they give only loose guidance at best in this area, making it another hassle for those with little experience in the area and all but impossible for those who have a busy lifestyle.

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The Smart Sugar Diet book retails for $26.99, but consider what you get for that price. The diet basically rips all sugars from you and then gradually lets you have some of them back.* While removing sugar from your diet is always good when you can, doing it in such a drastic manner can prove to be a bit much, making the Smart Sugar Diet one that will likely prove to be too hard for the majority of dieters.*

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