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Slimmetry Review

Slimmetry Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Slimmetry Supplement is an all natural weight loss supplement that is offered for sale through Amway. The product is said to help those who are attempting to lose weight to be able to amplify their results thanks to its special blend of all natural ingredients. The most notable ingredients contained in the product include Green Tea Extract, Coleus Forskohlii Extract, Birch Extract, and Yerba Mate Extract.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Slimmetry Diet?

The Slimmetry Supplement is just that, a supplement. Using the Slimmetry Supplement alone will not produce any weight loss to speak of, if any at all. Even the product’s website says that it should be combined with proper diet and exercise in order to work properly. However, if a dieter stops exercising and dieting properly the supplement alone will not keep any weight loss that has been achieved off.

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Is The Slimmetry Diet Easy To Follow?

The Slimmetry Supplement comes in capsule form and is simply taken with water. So, in that regard it is fairly simple to take. However, the confusion might come with the amount of capsules that should be taken. According to the instructions a dieter can take up to six capsules per day. However, there is not much in the way of guidance as to what the proper amount is. It might come down to more of a personal choice, which means a dieter will have to experiment in order to come up with the right number of capsules to take each day, which can prove to be a bit frustrating.

In addition, the Slimmetry Supplement has to be combined with proper diet and exercise, but the product offers no guidance when it comes to either diet or exercise.* So, it will be up to a dieter taking the Slimmetry Supplement to come up with their own solutions in those areas, which can prove to be challenging for some.

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The Slimmetry Supplement is not unlike many other diet supplements on the market today. They have to be used with proper exercise and diet and will do little to no good when it comes to helping a dieter achieve weight loss on his or her own. While the price is not too bad at around $40 for 180 capsules, you have to consider what you are getting into.

While it is not touted in such a manner, the Slimmetry Supplement contains caffeine. Both the Green Tea and Yerba Mate ingredients in the supplement contain amounts of caffeine. This is likely what aids the product with any weight loss benefits it might have, but it is also what can leave many with the jitters and even irritate others, which means the Slimmetry Supplement may not be worth it in the end.

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