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The Shepherd’s Diet Review

The Shepherd’s Diet Review
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Reading Time: 7 minutesThe Shepherd’s Diet is a diet book written by Kristina Wilds is a Christian based diet program that focuses on listening to the Holy Spirit’s direction in your life when it comes to dieting and food choices. The program encourages one to seek out biblical references and health through scripture when it comes to making the right nutritional choice. The program promotes that the dieter eat foods higher in healthy fat so that sluggishness from dieting is eliminated all together. The diet program is entirely online, and there are also exercises included with the nutritional program to help someone gain strength while losing weight.

What The Shepherd’s Diet Comes With?

The company ClickBank (Digital product marketplace) sells this diet program and will always offer the customer a 60-day money back guarantee, so there is time to try it out to see if you will like it. Because it is entirely online, you won’t be getting anything “physically” in the mail when you order. Instead, you will be getting e-books to download. If you are not computer savvy this program may not be the best fit for you. To buy the program it will cost $47.00.

What You Will Get:

  • The Shepherd’s Diet Book: The overall guide to getting started on the program and how to effectively lose weight and burn fat.
  • The What Would Jesus Eat Field Guide: This guide shows users what their main foods of consumption will be. The whole idea behind this specific guide is to show people what Jesus himself might choose at the grocery store for the core of his diet.
  • The Moses Secret Fat Loss Protocol: This book gives you the inside secret on how to burn fat quickly.
  • Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide: Because stress contributes to weight gain, this guide will show you how to live a more stress free life.
  • Fat Burning Furnace Nutrients Support: Finally this last book is designed to help dieters know which foods they can add into the diet later on that will still give them the opportunity to maximize fat loss.
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Shepherd’s Diet Reviews?

Whether you are a Christian or not, this diet program can be for everyone if you are open to it. The program itself promotes healthy foods that will keep your blood sugar stable, and it promotes eating several small meals a day, which has been proven to be good for weight loss. There is another side to it which may leave people feeling a bit uncomfortable, and that is the prayer and reliance on God for the dieter to put their faith and patience in God for the diet to take action. Not everyone buys into this sort of thinking, so it would most definitely split up the people actually interested in giving this program a shot.

When looking for actual success stories from customers who have tried the program out, all that was out there was people trying to earn an affiliate commission by shuffling you to the website for purchase. This to me is not authentic, and it shows the lack of customer voices associated with the program. While the program does give valuable information on becoming a healthier individual, it also lacks in authentic reviews.

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What Is In The Shepherd’s Diet Program?

The diet program offers you no shortage of information on how to eat healthy, shop at the grocery store, and formulate meal plans for overall success. You will be given 7 biblical cooking hacks in which you can learn to make healthy meals that fuel your body in just ten minutes time. The program squashes the idea that eating less will help you lose weight, and changes your ideas about eating healthy nutrient dense meals. Finally, the use of the healing fats especially used in the bible has been said to help people lose weight while on the program.

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How To Contact The Shepherd’s Diet?

If you want to get a hold of the ClickBank company for more information they provide you an an e-mail to reach out to. It is promised that your e-mail will be responded to within 48 hours. Support@theshepherdsdiet.com. Overall, the e-books are just like any other Clickbank product and they will be a lot of reading and digesting before you can really even get a start on the diet program itself. There is no auto ship and the only scientific backing comes from the Bible itself. If you believe in the Bible, you will think that this is the best backing one could ever get their hands on, and if you do not believe well you simply won’t buy into it.

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What are The Pros and Cons of The Shepherd’s Diet?



Promotes A healthy diet Not for everyone
Solid money back offer A lot of reading involved
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Shepherd’s Diet Alternatives

Based on historical Google online search data, people interested in the Shepherd’s Diet also frequently research and compare these four diets. How do they stack up against one another?

  1. Mayo Clinic Diet
  2. Weight Watchers
  3. Mediterranean Diet
  4. Trim Down Club (Recommended)

Shepherd’s Diet vs Mayo Clinic Diet

In the head-to-head matchup of Shepherd’s Diet vs. Mayo Clinic Diet, I bet you won’t be surprised by how I call it. I’m not opposed to the Shepherd’s Diet per se. Created for people to approach weight loss from a Biblical perspective you pay around $50 a month for diet guidance including the ‘What Would Jesus Eat Grocery Field Guide,’ or the ‘Moses Secret Fat Loss Protocol.’ The diet, which includes similar-to-Mayo eating principles—vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, with a focus on healthy fats—has a 7-step system “biblically inspired and designed to help you to become more healthy, aid in a healthy metabolism and strengthen your immune system.” So here’s the thing: there’s no need to pay for this advice; it’s free. There’s no shortage of nutritional information about healthy fats (unsaturated) that help burn fat as opposed to bad fats (saturated) that not only make and keep us fat but cause myriad health problems from high cholesterol to heart disease. Now the Mayo Clinic Diet does have a companion book and cookbook that can (and if you want to follow the diet by the letter, maybe should be) purchased, but in my opinion, the beauty of the world famous Mayo Clinic nutritional eating plan designed by medical researchers can be replicated by simple research, no need to pay anyone monthly. So it’s the Mayo Clinic Diet that wins this congenial contest.

Shepherd’s Diet vs Weight Watchers

How about Shepherd’s Diet vs Weight Watchers? As you may know, I have done my homework on Weight Watchers and have my own experiences with the diet over the decades and it has always been effective in that I lose weight. I haven’t been successful in keeping the weight off, though and while that’s my fault, I sort of hold it against the diet, too. Weight Watchers is not sustainable in my opinion and, worse, includes encouragement to eat their brand of packaged processed foods. Some may think that Weight Watchers is sort of gimmicky in that through it’s decades of iterations it has included multiple types of tools, programs, and systems. However, I would not choose Shepherd’s Diet instead because I am just not comfortable with paying for nutritional advice on Moses’ ‘fat protocols.’ Though maybe that kind of support is helpful for some, I suppose. Still, even though Weight Watchers is not free, I think Weight Watchers’ more than half century track record speaks for itself.

Shepherd’s Diet vs Mediterranean Diet

I have spent countless hours researching the Mediterranean Diet and so this bout, Shepherd’s Diet vs  the Mediterranean Diet, is interesting because the way people eat in the Mediterranean is ancient, as is the Bible.  The Shepherd’s Diet is based on a religious principle and a what-would-Jesus-have-eaten meal plan, the Mediterranean Diet is based on historical, tried-and-true nutritional practices. It’s widely recognized that the Mediterranean Diet (which consists of fresh mostly unprocessed whole foods to include a diet of whole grains, fish, fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts and olive oil) is not only a very healthy way to eat, it just may be the healthiest globally. (Though I bet I’ll get some argument about that). And the good fats part of the Mediterranean Diet informs the Shepherds Diet: the Biblical Belly Breakthrough using God’s healing fats to lose weight. Fats like olive oil. On another note, with the Shepherd’s Diet, there’s a promotional video and downloads for almost $50. Skip it. The Mediterranean Diet is the clear and obvious winner here and you can find all the information you need online for free.

Shepherd’s Diet vs Trim Down Club

The above three diets all beat the Shepherd’s Diet. And so too does the Trim Down Club vs Shepherd’s Diet. In fact, the Trim Down Club beats them all for one very simple reason: it’s nutritional advice, just like the Mayo Clinic Diet and the Mediterranean Diet, isn’t just solid (nutrient rich vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats and no refined or processed, modified or artificial foods you prepare in your kitchen), it adds the key ingredient that I think helped make Weight Watchers successful in part; camaraderie, togetherness, and fellowship. We are in this together and we’ll help each other. It is a Club of people like me, like you. We’re better as a team. When we can cheer each other on, share ideas and recipes, shopping tips, and just be able to vent or ask for help. That’s what sets it apart. Plus a ton of great advice, blogs, recipes, exercise ideas and routines, and lots more. A community. And it costs less than one lunch date with a friend. Now, you can lunch with thousands. That’s why I’m into the Trim Down Club.

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Is The Shepherd’s Diet Worth A Try?

This diet is not going to be for everyone, but that does not mean it is terrible. Much of the diet relies on God’s influence in your life to take your health and nutrition seriously for a better and healthier body. In the Bible it teaches that our bodies are temples, and that they should be treated accordingly. This program aligns with those teachings and it will get someone on the right track for weight loss if they believe in a higher being. The overall idea of the program can be overwhelming to some people, and then for others it could speak right to them.

The sad fact was the lack of real customer testimonials, which opens up popularity, or lack thereof for the diet and its effectiveness. When it is all said and done, it just doesn’t seem like this program has a lot of popularity and success when it comes to long term weight loss and health. If you want to try a faith based way of dieting with a focus on eating higher fats and simple foods from the grocery store, this might work for you. If you are not one for faith and prayer this program might be hard to buy into and follow in the long term for you.

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