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Seattle Sutton Diet Review

Seattle Sutton Diet Review
Reading Time: 4 minutes“Seattle Sutton” herself founded the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating Diet in 1985. The headquarters is based out of Ottawa, Illinois but they also have offices in New Hope, Minnesota as well. This program is a meal delivery service, and the customer will not need to set foot in their kitchen. All meals are pre-made at a facility, and shipped out weekly. You receive 21 meals per week, and the meals are made in bulk resulting in no choice of the food you will consume. If you have additional questions, their support line has low volume due to the number of clients they are now serving so they are helpful when asked. In 2006 the company was catering to 8,100 clients and in 2015 their numbers have dwindled to 3,000 clients which shows that the popularity and demand for this business is dying.* This business is also not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) see link here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Seattle Sutton Diet?

The customer has the option to choose between a 1,200 or 2,000 traditional calorie-a-day meal plan. Or they have the option to choose a 1,200-calorie vegetarian plan. The small amount of people that have been able to eat the food provided to them saw weight loss. The poor taste of the food has left bad customer reviews and dwindling customer numbers. For one individual to eat on the Seattle Sutton Diet for roughly one week it will cost $150.00 dollars. This is very expensive, as many people can feed a family of four for $100.00 a week. It is mentioned on their website, that the overall knowledge when choosing the foods are from certified dietitians, not doctors. There is not however any evidence that this style of eating is meant to help you lose weight. There are no real studies done on the site telling the dieter why the program was formulated the way it was for weight loss. The testimonials on the website are rather cheesy, and they are hit and miss as far as success is concerned (but you will only see the good on the website).

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Is The Seattle Sutton Diet Easy To Follow?

Because this is not a diet program that you have to follow, it is easy to eat the meals you pay for. The program can be 1 week with 21 meals, or it can be 1 year depending on what you need it for. If you are looking for long-term help, they offer a multi week ordering system so you do not have to place orders every week. It is very expensive however, and would not be easy to follow knowing the service costs a lot just to have meals cooked for you. This might be a good short-term fix for someone ill, or unable to cook for themselves. After one round you could understand the basis of what you are supposed to eat, and grocery shop for those items yourself to save money. There are no known negative side effects from this eating program. Some complaints have been around the freshness and quality of the meals, and the inability to choose what meals you receive. This program serves the same meals to all of their customers with a 5-week rotating menu. All in all, the idea of eating pre-made foods that have been said to taste okay will not be a long term thing. This in and of itself is extremely hard to follow, especially for picky eaters who are particular about their food. There haven’t been any real side effects noted, but there have been people just saying they could not stomach the food or it just made them feel ill overall.

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  • Way too expensive long term
  • There have been reports of the food tasting horrible
  • Customer base is dwindling
  • Unable to choose what food you receive
  • Takes the social out of cooking and eating meals with your family
  • They only have one social media, and that is Facebook. On Facebook they have 36,862 fans, and little to know activity with their likes and comments.

I would not spend money on this program personally, because I like to know what goes into my food. Having all of my meals pre-made at a facility and then shipped to my door does not sound appetizing at all. There have already been reports of the food not tasting good, and you are paying a pretty penny for those meals! They have a no refund policy, which leaves the risk on the customer’s shoulders.* If you do not like the meals, you are stuck eating them for an entire week, while losing $150.00. While some people like this convenience, it is not something to pay for long term as it will get pricey. There social media presence is rather low, with little to no activity on any channels. You can order the products right on the website, as it is not offered in stores or online. I would not call this company a scam, but there are much easier and tastier ways to eat healthy while losing weight, and this diet is not one of them.

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What is the weekly cost for this program? 
The cost can be anywhere from $200-$250 depending on where you live.

Are there meals GMO free?
Yes meals are antibiotic free, as well as GMO free.

Can you use mayo, mustard or ketchup?
It is not recommended, due to the amount of calories that will be added once condiments are used. Certain spices are allowed, but only in moderation due to the sodium content.

How can I get in touch with the company?

E-mail: Not provided

Phone: 1-800-442-3438

Address: 611 E. Stevenson Rd. Ottawa, IL 61350

Website: seattlesutton.com

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