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Rice Diet Review

Rice Diet Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Rice Diet was developed at Duke University by Walter Kempner back in 1934. Kempner was studying the effects that a diet with rice used as a staple had on those who were obese, had diabetes, or had hypertension. Out of his studies a complete diet was born that has evolved over the years.

The “rice” part of Rice Diet is somewhat confusing. While the original work was centered on rice as the main food source, the diet has since evolved into one that simply restricts the foods you eat and lets you choose certain foods for every meal. To date there are 30 foods that can be chosen when meal planning for the Rice Diet.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Rice Diet?

Dieters that choose to follow the rice diet can lose significant amounts of weight if they follow the diet exactly as it is laid out. However, that is often easier said than done. Again, there are only 30 foods to choose from so your choices are limited and many of your favorite foods are likely off limits leading to the tendency to cheat on the Rice Diet often.

In addition, the Rice Diet is considered to be an extreme diet. This means it is really only supposed to be used under the direct supervision of a medical expert. But, because there is such a huge market for diets there are now many books and programs out that give suggestions as to how participants should go about the diet. While these suggestions may lead to weight loss, the question of safe weight loss is greatly debated.

Here are some testimonials from dieters who have tried the rice diet.

“I’ve done this plan and lost a pound a day. Went back to my old eating habits though and gained my weight back. Any plan is so much easier when your family members go along with you. When you have to keep making meats and fatty foods, well, the temptation is there to eat it and more than likely you will.”  – says cookinmary.

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Is the Rice Diet Easy to Follow?

The rice diet is easily one of the most restrictive diets out today. Therefore, it is all but impossible to follow for any considerable length of time. Cravings kick in within a few days and unless your willpower is iron-clad then you will likely have a hard time following this diet.

Those into exercising don’t usually like this diet either. With the low levels of food that can be eaten there usually isn’t much left in the energy department, making even light workouts extremely tough to say the least.

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If you are clinically obese, suffer from diabetes, or suffer from hypertension then you might wish to talk to your personal physician about the Rice Diet. However, keep in mind that any diet that is done under the direct supervision of a medical professional will not be one that is cheap.

While you can go at it alone, buying all sorts of books and even joining support groups, the risk is not worth the reward. Weight loss is great, but not when it comes at the expense of your overall health.

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