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How To Choose Meal-Kit Delivery Service

Meal-kits offer a great option for the solo dieter.

What Are Meal-kit Delivery Services?

Meal delivery kits services have taken the world by storm, hand they are now a billion dollar industry. And meal-kits are a serious boon to the would-be dieter.

Meal delivery kit services take the hassle out of shopping and carefully planning a nutritional diet. Most meal delivery kits supply ready prepared meals so there is no cooking involved either. Alternatively, you can buy kits that deliver all the ingredients and simple easy-to-follow recipe cards.

You can choose a number of different nutritional requirements and food preferences such as vegan and keto or you can pick menu selections that don’t contain pork or seafood, for example.

Depending on the supplier, meals may be individually priced and providers generally aim for the cost of a main meal to be around $8-$15. But if you are ordering breakfasts and lunches as well, the overall cost of meals will be less. Home Chef and Plated offer main meals that are less than $8 per serving on some of their plans.

Why People Buy Them

Meal delivery kits services are certainly big business. And since the meal delivery kit market has taken off in 2007 nearly one-fifth (17%) of U.S. adults receive meal kits delivery services.

That’s an incredible statistic for any industry. So who’s buying meal delivery kits?

The meal delivery kits business has literally exploded due to two main factors involving both supply and demand. First and foremost, in terms of supply, the ability to now pack food frozen with ice and send through FedEx has revolutionized the industry. Prices have been dramatically driven down and a huge number of businesses have entered this sector further increasing competition and consumer choice.

And suppliers are confident of demand for home delivery meal kits. While silicon valley geniuses are busy working on improved artificial intelligence robots to take over household chores; it’s been far easier for catering companies to flood the market tasty and nutritious meals.

The demand for meal delivery kits is due in part to our aging population. You’ll be able to tell with many companies that their core customers are older and with others, you may find that they are aimed at busy families. These are the two main customer types that buy meal delivery kits. And then there are also people who are dieting who want to take advantage of carefully developed nutrition.

What To Look For When Choosing Meal-kit Delivery Service

There are so many meal delivery kit services on the market so what should you consider from a potential service. Well, first of all, make sure they deliver to your state. Most sites will ask you to enter your zip code first and they’ll confirm they deliver and the shipping costs.

Those with any specific dietary needs can check that there are recipes to cater for you. The main thing to consider is if you are wanting preprepared meals or ingredients and recipe cards. You’ll find companies that offer fresh ingredients kits to cook include HelloFresh and Green Chef.

Then it’s a case of choosing how much you’d like to spend. And how many meals you’d like to order. You may want just dinner or you may want to add lunch and breakfast. You may have time at the weekend to cook or decide to have 21 meals for the whole week delivered.

With so many great suppliers all offering a selection of low calorie and nutritionally balanced meals it’s a case of shopping around for who you like best. Many services have a weekly menu that changes and you may also be able to order classic dishes. But each service varies slightly as to what they offer. There are often lots of offers available for new customers so you can try a few before deciding on a preferred service.

Bottom Line

Meal delivery kits are simply a boon for dieters. We love lots of services and they each have something to offer. Those that love meal delivery kits and have been waiting for Weight Watchers to enter the market need wait no longer. Weight Watchers have partnered with Blue Apron to offer a great new selection of recipes. But there are lots of great options out there.

We like Martha and Marley Spoon where you can decide exactly what you’d like to cook from a menu featuring 20 recipes every week. Select from categories like Health & Diet, Vegetarian & Vegan, Meat & Fish, Under 30 Minutes, and Family-Friendly. Terra’s Kitchen offers 50+ recipes based on Mediterranean lifestyle principles with low-calorie options.

Sun Basket is a healthy meal kit service that uses organic and sustainable ingredients. Dishes are created by Chef Justine Kelly, an award-winning Bay area chef. And vegans should definitely check out Purple Carrot who have a dedicated plant-based healthy menu.

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