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How To Choose Detox Cleanse

What Is A Detox Cleanse?

A detox cleanse is a little different from just a cleanse. A health expert distinguishes a cleanse as the simple flushing of digestive waste from the body. Whereas a detox cleanse is all about flushing out compounds in the body that have built up over a period of time.

In order to survive, our body does its best to detox daily but with toxins in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and things we drink and possibly smoke it’s easy for toxins to build up.

A detox cleanse supplement works with your body and in particular the liver to help it remove toxins more effectively.

Benefits Of A Healthy Detox Cleanse

So what happens when toxins build up? In most cases, we just don’t function optimally. In terms of digestive health, we can become bloated and that makes us feel sluggish and uncomfortable. But people can also suffer from issues such as constipation and cramps, acid reflux, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Toxins don’t just cause problems with digestive health though. A build-up of toxins can make us feel as though we have no energy. And it also has an effect on our mental health.

A detox resets the body back to zero and makes us better able to achieve our fitness and other goals. It should restore energy levels and improve mood. Making life, well, just better and easier.

How Does A Detox Cleanse Work and Is It Safe?

When you begin a detox your body will begin to eliminate accumulated toxins. You can effectively detox in a week if you choose a diet plan with a good quality detox cleanse supplement.

When you make dietary changes and introduce detox-focused supplements this stimulates the body’s receptors to eliminate waste products. The idea is to breakdown the build-up of toxins by prompting the body to use natural processes to eliminate toxic compounds.

Detox cleanses are generally considered safe but some people have had issues when combining a detox cleanse with intermittent fasting, a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) or unpasteurized juices.

It’s good practice to speak to your primary healthcare provider before embarking on any diet or taking any supplement, especially if you have any conditions or are taking any medications.

How To Choose The Right Detox Cleanse

While we do cleanse ourselves naturally humans now take in a far higher intake of toxins than we were “designed” to. Therefore, a gentle cleanse once to twice a year is considered beneficial.

Not every cleanse is considered healthy for everyone though. Here are some that it’s best to avoid:

Juice Cleanses

While juice cleanses are popular and appear healthy, fruit juice does not provide all the things we need. There’s no fat or protein and a lot of sugar. And people with kidney disease must avoid this kind of diet as the high oxalate content of fruit juice can cause complications.

Cleanses that don’t provide enough nourishment

Obviously, the general idea of a cleanse is that you may lose some weight but many cleanses take your nourishment levels to unsafe levels. If you’re starving hungry you’re not going to be able to work effectively or drive entirely safely or deal with the kids, with patience.

Cleanses that focus on supplements only

If you are going to buy a detox cleanse product to encourage your body to detox then you need to choose carefully. It’s important to choose a reputable brand with high-quality organic ingredients. You also need to combine this with a detox plan. It’s no good drinking a detox smoothie for breakfast and having a burger for lunch.

There are different types of detox cleanses which usually involves eliminating certain foods. A more basic detox cleanse would be to avoid all processed food and just eat home cooked healthy food.

If you are a sugar addict you might pluck up the courage to battle your sugar cravings once and for all with a sugar detox that eliminates all sugar, sugary foods, and sweeteners.

Or you could try an elimination diet that eliminates more than just sugar. A good example of this is Whole 30 which is a 30-day diet cleanse eliminating sugar, dairy, legumes, grains, and alcohol. You can head to the Whole 30 official site where Co-Creator Melissa Hartwig hands out ideas, tips, the rules and a large helping of tough love to help you succeed.

Bottom Line

A detox can be a great health boon. You can look at it a little like how you periodically clear away the files and viruses and reboot your computer. It might be a slight hassle but it’s certainly worth it to have your computer running at top speed again. The same applies to a regular detox.

As long as you don’t follow a VLCD and you have enough of the nutrients you need including protein and fat, it’s an excellent way to feel much healthier in the short and longer term.

We recommend following a sensible and outlined detox cleanse such as Whole 30 and teaming it with a good quality organic detox cleanse supplement.

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