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Redotex Review

Redotex Review
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Reading Time: 7 minutesI’m putting my bottom line right at the top: Definitely not. Not only is Redotex banned in the United States and in countries around the world—which quite obviously makes it illegal—it is a dangerous and bizarre combination of drugs that has had deadly consequences. Literally.   More than 30 years ago, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began a campaign to stop the flood of Redotex—and other questionable, unproven, or dangerous drugs made in Mexico—across the U.S.-Mexico border.  Before the mid-1980s, possession of Redotex was legal as long as one had a prescription—and there were doctors on both sides of the border willing to write a prescription for the drug to treat obesity.  Redotex ingredients, of which there are really just four, includes a high dose of the notorious and risky Norpseudoephedrine—a psychostimulant member of the perilous amphetamine (speed) family, and the drug used to manufacture methamphetamine. To be clear, in much smaller doses than is found in Redotex, Norpseudoephedrine is used as a nasal decongestant. You used to be able to buy it right on the pharmacy counter. Not anymore.   It’s not just the speed that makes Redotex dubious, for reasons we’ll get to shortly. Redotex also contains diazepam—the main ingredient in valium, a tranquilizer prescribed for anxiety, mania, and panic disorder, as well as other conditions. It knocks you out.   And Redotex is also formulated with a thyroid medication and a laxative; it’s a cocktail most physicians are suspicious of and caution can be potentially deadly.   It may be hard to imagine why would anyone take a drug like this to lose weight, but people do. A lot of people.

Redotex Claims

Directly from the label—translated from Spanish—Redotex “may include several prescription components.” It admits to containing “known stimulants” – an understatement—though it says the drug is designed to speed up metabolism and curb appetite. Both understatements. You zoom and you don’t eat. But the description phrases it this way” “These two actions are common in weight loss aids, as they create a caloric deficit and can speed.” Yes, those are the exact words. And, the manufacturer admits the drug is a “tightly regulated substance currently banned in several countries.” True. [Editor note: quotes verified, but we are not including the link for obvious safety reasons]  Redotex for sale? You bet. But I will not be providing a link to the Mexican drug website, though it’s easy enough to find; there’s little secret about that. But you won’t be getting it from me. Just saying.   Note, too, that since Redotex is banned in the United States—and therefore not available to purchase from any U.S. retailer, online or not—the online Mexican pharmacy I located promises to “keep your medical needs private from your employer, health insurance company, and even your bank with our international pharmacy and secure anonymous credit card processing. No prescription to purchase any medicine in our pharmacy. We are a licensed pharmacy in Mexico and available to answer your questions.” And adds: “Due to the controlled medicines, this site is limited to VISA and Mastercard through money transfer services as our merchant account only allows non controlled sales.” Which, by the way, run anywhere from $150 to $350 for 20 or 30 capsules. [Editor note: quotes and price information verified, but we are not including the link for obvious safety reasons]  In other words, they keep all that information to themselves so neither they nor you get arrested.  The National Association of the Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) updates a list of “internet drug outlets that appear to be out of compliance with state and federal laws or NABP patient safety and pharmacy practice standards.” [1]  Guess who’s on that list?  There’s little doubt that an amphetamine-like drug will definitively curb your appetite, and with a laxative that’ll assuredly empty your bowels combined with a thyroid stimulant, you’ll lose weight. Maybe a lot of weight. And probably pretty quickly. The claim of efficacy is hardly in doubt. Whether you’ll survive it is another thing.  Let’s take a better look at what’s in this stuff.

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Redotex Ingredients

Tri-iodothyronine is a thyroid hormone that doesn’t affect just your thyroid, but most of your body processes, by increasing tissue metabolic rates. So what does that mean? Triiodothyronine increases energy consumption and oxygen levels in the body. Studies in rats have shown it to metabolize fatty acids and burn stored fat. You can see why this thyroid hormone might show up in a dramatic diet pill. The problem is your heart races on this stuff ,and the dose is significant at 75 mcg. [2]

Norpseudoephedrine we already talked about. This amphetamine cousin needs little description save it’s a stimulant and will sharply curb your appetite while making you wired. [3]  Atropine sulfate is another stimulant—this time a circulatory and respiratory one. It is hard to fathom the necessity of this drug, one that is administered usually via injection. Then again, it is used to slow heart rate, in addition to being an antidote for nerve agents and pesticide poisons. (Scary.) But it is also used to counteract stomach spasms, which you’ll see in a second might be needed. [4]  Aloin is a stimulant laxative that creates contractions (spasms) in the colon which force bowel movements. Too much can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea and worse, electrolyte imbalances. Not nice stuff. [5]  Then finally, there’s 8 milligrams of diazepam, which is a tranquilizing depressant and the ingredient in Valium. [6]  One can only assume that the unorthodox combination of stimulants and depressant—in this case the strong diazepam—is to help keep you emotionally and physiologically calm while the other stimulants are cranking you up. At least that’s my informed speculation.

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Redotex

In 1987, the FDA issued an “Import Alert 66-35” and warning about Redotex in an effort to ebb the flow of the diet pills across the border; customs agents were told to intervene. Clinics on both sides—always busy with people seeking and getting prescriptions—were shut down, albeit for a day, and border law enforcement was on the lookout for the now-banned drugs. [7]   The FDA said Redotex could pose serious and potentially fatal effects, enough so that the alert given to the media was also televised.   Gwen Pace of the Dallas FDA office said Tuesday [Feb 10, 1987], “The FDA Center for Drugs and Biologics (in Washington) found the combination to be an irrational one that can cause serious and potentially fatal adverse reactions, including alteration of metabolic rates, increased heart rates, the lowering or increasing of blood pressure, loss of body electrolytes, and confusion and hallucinations.” [8] (Date added)  The then-commissioner of the FDA said Mexican authorities were cooperating in helping to get a handle on the flood of the sought-after quick, though dangerously, effective weight loss compound. [8] So the government said it was bad news. And physicians and healthcare professionals warned about serious effects and possible deaths. [9] [10] But what did scientists say about this drug—or, rather, the combination of drugs in the formula, since I was unable to find an actual peer-reviewed legitimate clinical study of this specific drug?  First, the combination of a stimulant with a depressant is an atypical formulation. One tells the body to speed up and the other tells it to slow down. How the body actually responds can’t always be predicted. [11] And the FDA has very specific rules governing the combination of drugs. [12] A recent study presented by two University of California San Diego researchers pointed to a medical case where a 15-year-old girl had tachycardia (irregular fast heartbeat when at rest), weakness, agitation, nausea, anxiety, shakiness and, an unexplained neck soreness. She’d taken Redotex twice on two separate days, and the combination of the drugs almost killed her. With just 2 pills: Redotex diet pills can cause immediate, profound and possibly life-threatening symptoms with even 2 doses. These pills contain a supra-therapeutic dose of T3, and are combined with stimulants that may exacerbate the thyrotoxic effects of T3, whereas valium can mask some symptoms. [13] The side effects need their own separate section. Each drug has its own set of mild to very serious side effects and when combined, can wreak havoc. With diazepam, there isn’t a side effect that’s not listed: from agitation to delusional thinking, abdominal pain to fast heartbeat, nervousness, nightmares, seizures and tremors and worse. [14] Atropine sulfate side effects are also frightening, and include hallucinations and heartbeat or pulse irregularity. [15] Too much of the thyroid hormone Tri-iodothyronine can cause hypothyroidism, which has side effects including insomnia, heart palpitations and shakiness. [16] And lastly, the dangers of non–upervised use of any drugs in the amphetamine family is well known and documented and its abuse could lead to addiction or worse. Norpseudoephedrine has possible lifelong negative effects, like dyskinesias—which may be a permanent condition defined by abnormal and involuntary muscle spasms and movements. [17]  Science is not a fan. But are dieters?

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The Word on the Street About Redotex

You won’t find Redotex reviews on Amazon or eBay. You will find them on Reddit, and especially on the Dark Web via a Tor browser. But on the good old regular Internet, I located a couple of chat rooms and forums which aren’t too shady; they appear like regular people trying to lose weight without getting hooked on drugs or dying.   Reviewer “Verwon” on MedsChat (Jan 2007) warned others that  

…since it was outlawed in the US, then it obviously has some severe dangers involved in using it, the FDA does not pull meds off the market without good reason. My recommendation would be to see your doctor and get something safer to use if you are concerned about losing weight. The fact that you don’t know what this med is for, or how to take them, just gives away the fact that you did not receive them from a doctor and should not be trying to use them. [18] 
Then again, here’s a review from the same comment thread. “Robert” (Jul 2008) is pretty candid about his success with the drug and his disdain for federal regulations against it. He says he lost 13 pounds in a week and a half and made his thoughts clear:
I am a 32 year old male 5’-9. I was about 25-30 lbs. overweight. I don’t have much time to exercise and I had a hard time losing weight by dieting. I needed something that would give me a jump start to losing 25-30 pounds. [18] 
He traveled to Tijuana Mexico, purchased Redotex and went from 203 pounds to 190 pounds in around 10 days; more than a pound a day. Yeah, maybe it’s not that good for you if you abuse it like any other drug. But if you drink plenty of water and eat regular low fat meals the results are great … if you respect the dosage and follow a balanced healthy diet and drink lots of water, these pills will help you get over your threshold. You may feel like you drank several cups of coffee for the first 2 days but after your get over that, you don’t feel anything but a boost of energy everyday. [18] DietBlogTalk has a number of users talking about how much weight they lost, but many others jumping on the thread to warn people to steer clear.  “Lucy” says,
I have been taking it for 4 weeks now. I do follow a very strict diet. No dairy, no meat, no shellfish, no fruit, no carbs. I do walk 2 miles once a week and drink only water about 2.5 liters a day. I feel great I’ve lost 23 pounds in 1 month. My goal is to go from 185 to my pre-pregnancy weight of 135. I feel fine. I go to the doctor once a week, check my blood pressure and I also get B6 and B12 shots once a week. I was going through the worst depression because i couldn’t lose the weight. I believe the only reason it’s illegal in the US is because it works and people abused the drug. If you follow the doctor’s diet and actually do a little exercise, and follow your diet, it will give you great results. I hope this helps anyone out. [19] 
But “Jeff” issued a dire warning:
Anyone that takes Redotex is endangering their life. This medication is BANNED in the USA by the FDA because of its dangerous combination of ingredients. Redotex has caused strokes as well as death. It is an extremely dangerous mixture of drugs – the combination of which does not make sense. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION. Diet and exercise are the ONLY proven ways to attain long-term healthy weight loss. Redotex can KILL you. [19] 
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The Bottom Line: Is Redotex Worth a Try?

Definitely, DEFNITELY NOT. As I said at the top, definitely not. Absolutely not. No. Don’t even think about it.

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