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QuadraLean Diet Review

QuadraLean Diet Review
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Reading Time: 7 minutesThere’s very little information on the RSP Nutrition supplement company website about its weight-loss supplement QuadraLean except a list of the four primary ingredients, a bold statement about the efficacy of its product, and a claim that QuadraLean supports fat loss, builds lean muscle mass, boosts metabolism, and curbs your appetite. Nothing revolutionary here. Of the scores of weight loss supplements I have researched and reviewed, these are the promises most often offered. [1] [2]  I did find a 2014 article on Bodybuilding.com when the fitness magazine named Miami-based RSP Nutrition its supplement company of the month. This company is laser-focused on athletes—especially competitive-sports athletes, from traditional ballers to CrossFit and mixed-martial arts (MMA). Throughout the interview with RSP founder/CEO Victor Davanzo, and even in the comment section—and after a deep dive into RSP supplements’ information, which owner Davanzo says are free of banned substances and made in a clean facility—it’s abundantly clear that the supplements are geared toward gym rats, extreme fitness enthusiasts and aficionados, body builders, ripped jocks, and folks who are extremely active. Indeed, Davanzo says he created the business to supply “premium quality, safe and effective nutritional supplements to mainstream athletes, fitness enthusiasts and everyday people with active lifestyles.” [3]   There’s not a chubby person in sight on the webpage or in the narrative. Yet QuadraLean is marketed as a weight loss supplement. Let’s see.

QuadraLean Claims

We make premium nutritional supplements that inspire customers to live healthy, active lifestyles and achieve their fitness goals [1]

Cool.   And RSP makes it clear that its supplements are stimulant-free and do not contain any dubious or banned substances. They sell primarily pre-, intra- and post-workout supplements, whey and protein powders, muscle-building supplements, vitamins, and gear.   And finally, they sell a-weight management line which includes QuadraLean. There are three QuadraLean varieties:

  • QuadraLean, the original stimulant-free weight loss supplement
  • QuadraLean Thermogenic Weight Loss
  • QuadraLean 2.0 [4]

Beyond saying its supplements support weight loss, RSP makes no specific claims about that weight loss: how much you will lose, how long it will take, or what type of plan one might follow. Presumably the intent is that supplements like QuadraLean would be used in combination with healthy eating and a good old-fashioned butt-kicking workout, though it doesn’t say.   The way to get at what one might expect from the QuadraLean supplements is through its ingredients; they’re the key. So what are they and how do they work—or not work?

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QuadraLean Ingredients

The original QuadraLean is made of four primary and active ingredients: conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), L-carnitine, Garcinia cambogia, and raspberry ketones.   The thermogenic blend of QuadraLean includes pepper extracts like capsicum (just eat more hot peppers) and “natural” caffeine (actually green tea, so just drink it). [5]  QuadraLean 2.0. includes even more ingredients like Paradoxine, which it turns out is Grains of Paradise (GP) seed. African cultures have used it for centuries as a digestion aid. [6]

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind QuadraLean

I could find no independent study or clinical trials on this weight management supplement. Looking at the specific ingredients, however, may shed some light. One thing we know we do not know is the precise amount and quality of each ingredient, as these supplements are not regulated by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We are on our own.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

This may just be the one ingredient, of all we’ll explore, that has shown to be “possibly effective” for weight loss, says WebMD. The user comments on the WebMD page about CLA may tell a different story, but we’ll check on this in a minute. For now, CLA is a combination of chemicals found in the fatty acid linoleic acid. If you eat dairy or beef, you’re getting CLA from those foods. WebMD says the average person gets somewhere between 15 and 175 milligrams of CLA a day from diet alone. QuadraLean supplies 500 milligrams per dose.  WebMD doesn’t hand out its “possibly effective” conclusions liberally. In my experience, it’s uncommon to find diet pill ingredients being listed as such. But CLA is described that way. Interesting. When taken daily, CLA “…might help decrease body fat in adults, but it does not seem to decrease body weight.” [7]  Wait, what? So the actual fat is decreased, but your weight on the scale is not. Hmmm. Regardless, WebMD also says that CLA may curb appetite, and while it won’t “prevent” weight gain, you may lose fat. [7]


The naturally occurring amino acid L-carnitine helps our bodies produce more energy. This may appear in QuadraLean simply because some of this building block amino acid may be lost after extreme and intense physical exercise, so this would replace that. That’s basically it. [8]   Despite claims to the contrary, L-carnitine does not promote weight loss and experts say to give it a “wide berth.” In other words, you don’t need it so don’t take it. [9]  Even a famous TV doctor who once sang the praises of L-Carnitine as a weight loss “elixir” has since rescinded that statement. [10]

Garcinia cambogia

The much-talked about but likely ineffective Garcinia cambogia is a tropical plant that contains a high concentration of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which proponents claim may modulate lipid metabolism and release fat. The Journal of the American Medical Association says that’s hogwash: “Garcinia cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo.” [11]   Ouch. To be fair, the science is mixed here, but the studies that support claims it banishes your fat for good are often funded by manufacturers so…grains of salt, people.

Raspberry Ketones

Anyone who has done a very low-carb diet knows that ketosis is when your body burns fat for energy instead of carbs: that “sweet spot.” But what if you need your carbs for energy, since you’re running living, working, and working out day and night? Just add them! Yes. You consume ketones and those blood ketone levels rise and your body is like, “Oh, have to burn fat, not carbs.”   Science backs this up, in a way.  A study published in the Fall 2004 Experimental & Clinical Cardiology journal demonstrated ketogenic diets can provide short- and long-term benefits for people who are overweight or obese who may also have high glucose and cholesterol levels. In this study, more than 80 obese people were prescribed a very low-carb, high-protein, high-fat diet for six months. The results were that people not only lost a lot of weight, but their bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels decreased pretty dramatically. [12]   We know cutting the carbs will help shed pounds, and ketones are designed to mimic that dietary plan. Keep in mind, though: extraneous ketones only stick around for a few hours. So before you know it, your body will go back to burning carbs as fuel.

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Word on the Street about QuadraLean

Of 266 reviews, and with an average 3.5 stars, QuadraLean is more garden variety than great. [13]  Of the several dozen reviews I perused, I found this one to be most candid and likely accurate when it comes to the reality of weight loss supplements, this one, or any, for that matter.  “Diego A. Fuentes” (July 2017, 5 stars) says that QuadraLean only works if you work at it.

This product suppresses my hunger during lunch, which is my heaviest meal of the day, and helps me have a stronger workout when I get home. It makes me sweat and keep my body temperature up during my afternoon cardio session without any draw back right before bedtime. I definitely suggest this product to anyone looking to cut fat, help maintaining a diet, and improve workout intensity. However, above all, this product will not work if you do not have a fixed diet and workout schedule. This is not some magical pill that will help you lose weight, in the hopes you can continue eating 2000+ calories a day and not doing any physical activities (and no, walking around the office does not count). Make sure to drink lots of water because these will dehydrate you without you even feeling it and stay away from juice. [14]

“btalbs” (June 2016, 5 stars) also heaped praise:

I finished my first bottle a month or so ago. I wish I would have ordered two bottles at the same time because I kept forgetting to order another bottle. I lost about 15 pounds with the first bottle and that was what I wanted to lose in weight. So I figured that ordering another bottle would help me maintain the weight lose. I did combined this weight loss pill with about 30 minutes of cardio for six days a week (I usually just walk on my treadmill). I take Sunday as a cheat day. I also try to drink a least a gallon of water everyday (which is a struggle for me but I feel so good when I actually do it). I feel like this product helps me with my appetite. I feel like fat is burned where I need it to be…I also do not have any stomach issues. I feel like my metabolism has sped up. I do not have a caffeine sensitivity but I read other reviews that said that this supplement is great for anyone that is sensitive to caffeine. I also noticed that if I take this supplement after 5 p.m. that I can still go to bed which is so awesome. I will buy more of this supplement because it works for me. [15]

But from the fifty-five 1-star reviews came a popular refrain: QuadraLean doesn’t work for them.   “Tayler” (August 2017, 1 star) says simply:

“I’ve been using this product for about 3 weeks while continuing my diet and workout programs and have not seen the slightest difference. Do not recommend.” [16]

That sentiment was echoed by a number of other users. But—and I have never seen this before—RSP offered a full refund and apologies in its own comment to “Tayler” on Amazon. I found that to be very transparent and, frankly, rare. So good on you, RSP. [16]  Also, as promised, I gathered a few comments left by CLA users on WebMD. CLA has been shown to be “possibly effective” for weight loss, and as I mentioned, it’s the ingredients that matter in QuadraLean. Of the 31 CLA reviews for weight loss on WebMD, it rated less than 3 stars. Some of the complaints had, as far as I could see, nothing to do with weight loss, or the lack of it, rather other unrelated issues. But, there were reviews, recent ones, where users of CLA, sometimes in combination with other supplements or ingredients, from folks who were thrilled because they had actually lost weight.   A young woman between the ages of 24 and 35 (Feb 2017, 4 stars) wrote that, using a specific brand of CLA with Garcinia cambogia (she does not mention QuadraLean, but the ingredients are similar), she lost between 5 and 6 pounds in one week: “I am more than happy about this working so well and I hope it continues.” [17]  Another CLA (though QuadraLean is not mentioned by name) user, “David93” (August 2016, 5 stars), who is between the ages of 19 and 24, raves:

I have been taking CLA faithfully for 4 months now and started seeing results almost instantly. I was 172 pounds when I started and shot down to 140 within that time frame. I have a small frame so 140 looks fantastic on me. Truthfully, I haven’t been working out but I have been sticking to a 1200 calorie diet (not to say I haven’t allowed myself a few cheat days). If you’re seriously considering CLA, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot. Make sure you take it with food when you start it otherwise you’ll feel nauseous. [17]

Lastly, I’m taking a cue for my own Bottom Line on QuadraLean from a commenter on the 2014 BodyBuilding.com magazine article about RSP Nutrition. “Zoloto2010” said:

“Advice from an old pro :o) save your money and buy food which is good for your body, cheaper in the long run more benefit for your body and you know what you’re putting in your body—those supplement junk companies are just a marketing gimmick. Eat good and clean!” [3]

For all the “meh,” reviews, I didn’t find anything about side effects, so that’s something at least. 
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The Bottom Line: Is QuadraLean Worth a Try?

Risky (Low risk) If you’re an athlete and you feel better when you take supplements, by all means, go for it. But if you’re sitting on your couch reading this review and just want help shrinking your belly, get up and go for a walk. And when you get back, eat a meal packed with nutrient-dense, healthy whole foods—all the good stuff your body needs.   You didn’t get fat overnight and there’s no magic elixir to get slimmer overnight…and if there was, it certainly wouldn’t be QuadraLean. Just commit to eating better and moving more, and you may just lose weight and live longer in the process. That’s all I’ve got.

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