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PS1000 Program Review

Editor choice PS1000 Program Review
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What is PS1000 Program

ps1000 diet reviewPS1000 diet is one of those no cheap thrills kind of diet program. Honestly speaking I have missed a diet program that did not require to sign in, sign up, download or constantly check my messages. In this day and age it is refreshing to just be handed materials and if I choose to do it all on my own with an option to participate in a community forums, e-mail or a call a coach if I need it.

Ps1000 program is a two part plan which consists of a nutritional protocol and a dietary supplement called Metabolic Burst.

1. PS1000 Diet Protocol

You will be allowed to eat 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks. 5 meals a day are not optional but mandatory, according to PS1000, in order to maintain optimal sugar and hormone balance and avoid sugar spikes that cause difficulty for our body to easily access stored fat.

Allowed Food

Allowed foods include unprocessed foods like:

Most protein: most fish, poultry, lean red meat, most seafood, eggs

Veggies: non starchy vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, onions etc.

Fruit: most fruit except for those high in sugar (tropical)

Fats: Healthy fats like avocado, almonds, olive oil etc.

Sugar is not allowed and sugar substitutes are discouraged due to how our body reacts to sugar be it artificial or real (same sugar spikes).

2. Metabolic Burst Dietary Supplement

All natural 18 ingredient dietary supplement is packed with weight loss power tools. Here is a list of PS1000 Metabolic Burst ingredients and their role in promoting weight loss.

ps1000 ingredients table

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Word On The Street About PS1000 Program

PS1000 customer Ratings

We have found many reviews on Amazon.com and other review sites. The program is also 4.5 Star rated on Google.

Most customer posted reviews are positive with inspiring results.

I lost over 30 pounds in a relatively short time and felt good the whole time. I feel like my ways have been changed and have recommended this program” – top rated local user

Week one done, 9.5lbs! This is encouraging after trying so many other plans and “failing”. On to week 2!” – Eliza

One customer has found that the program lack in materials that are used as guidelines.

This product provides some great nutritional information but absolutely fails in recommendations on how to implement. No recipes, one basic meal plan for each level. Most of the support sites are not available or ask you to connect to another site that may or not be available.“-  donald b. gentry

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PS1000 Program Side Effects

As with any diet changing nutrition can be hard and our body wants to fight it. Side effects or our bodies refusal symptoms can include: headaches, increased cravings, mood swings and irritability. These symptoms generally subside within 3-5 days and largely depend on how clean your diet was prior to starting any new way of eating, especially if it’s one that cuts sugars and processed carbs out.

Although rare some people report experiencing allergic reactions to a certain ingredient in the dietary supplement formulation. Some report redness on their skin, some itchiness which generally goes away immediately after stopping the use of the product.

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End Notes

I think this program is definitely worth giving a chance. It is actually really refreshing to see that real programs like PS1000 manage to survive among marketing super giants who over promise but under deliver.

This is real food, real ingredients and from the looks of it real results.

If you have tried the program please take a few minutes to share your experience and post your comment bellow.

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  1. Absolutely I was struggling loosing the baby weight – water and fat was not coming off. This plan is amazing the results are instant and it works! I have lost 28lbs so far I took a break from the drops because I ran out and I was having family functions etc.. I never gained any weight back and all I did was make better choices when eating. I have a new bottle of drops coming and I hope to loose another 20 lbs to get to my ideal weight. Stick to the diet plan and take the B12 drops as they suggest it will actually help with your moods as well I feel amazing high energy and just overall amazing. Cutting out the pop was my biggest challenge it has been three months and to be honest I don’t even miss it.

  2. This works. Not because the drops are “magical” and do all of the work, but because this program is sensible, honest, and causes real life healthy choices that produce results. The drops are pleasant tasting and keep me mindfull that each meal is important and deliberate.

    The cost is reasonable and the results measurable. After 3 weeks on the plan and the drops, I was down 23 pounds— until I walked off into old familiar habits. The drops were not the issue, but the “drip” who wandered off! Back on track, going the right direction again, and thankful this is not complicated. I choose life.

  3. I started the PS1000 program last Thursday, weighing in at 205lbs. This morning I am happy to say that I am now down to 197lbs. I would recommend this program to everyone I know. The hardest part so far is my body detoxing the sugar, un-beneficial processed foods, and other toxins from my body. However, I followed PS1000’s advice about eating more healthy fats a few days prior to beginning this program and although they say the detoxing could last during the first week, I only had these symptoms the first 2 and a half days. Since then, I feel SO healthy! I feel mentally and physically good knowing I’m feeding my body what it truly needs. Also, I haven’t had one of my epic migraines since before I started this new lifestyle. The easiest part of this program is knowing I’m eating very healthy and I’m not starving either. I haven’t really started any exercise program yet and haven’t felt any bad side affects, other than my body detoxing. Don’t be afraid of the detoxing though, you are giving you and your body such a great gift of ridding yourself of all the junk that hasn’t been useful to it! The only disadvantage I would say is that nothing is “prepared” in proportioned little meals for you, which is actually fine. It just means that you have to put in a bit more effort to make each meal the appropriate serving and caloric amount. I plan on implementing this program for myself for the rest of my life. I am grateful to my sister~in~law for being the example she has been on this program. Her transformation using this program is phenomenal! Thank you PS1000!

  4. I started on PS1000 a week ago, and now down 7 lbs. This is an easy food plan to follow. Nice to be able to eat most kinds of meat, veggies, and fruit. Really nice to be able to eat a variety of fruit, which you can’t on most food plans. I am in my 50s and have trouble losing weight on almost any kind of diet, but this is great. I’ve done the HCG diet before, and PS1000 is much better than HCG; not as limiting and much easier to follow. Having more energy is a great side effect, which doesn’t usually happen on most diet plans. I only exercise a few days a week, when I can fit it in. I would highly recommend PS1000 to anyone who needs to lose weight. My daughter is doing the diet with me and is losing weight a lot faster. We are both very thrilled about this program.

  5. Reply
    Denise Hall Smith July 7, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    I started PS1000 May 22nd at 175lbs. and today I am 149! I am so excited to have lost 26lbs. this quickly. Although I have followed the food part almost to a tee, we have had family visits and my parents 50th anniversary celebration and I occasionally had a glass of wine. I was so happy that every time I stepped on the scale It was a loss of pounds! My goal is just around the corner and I am so excited to start phase 2! The hardest part of this transformation was planning out my food and coming up with ideas as to not become bored, but now it is second nature. I also miss having sweet potatoes as I love them and they are such a super food! During the next phase I plan on adding yoga and Zumba to my weekly program. I would definitely recommend this program to others! I appreciate the Facebook support page as well! Thank you!

  6. I started PS1000 program and Metabolic Burst drops at the beginning of March and I have lost 40lb. I did not think I would be able to stick to 1000 calories but the drops help with the appetite and cravings. I have had no side effects and enjoy the clean eating the the diet promotes.
    Mild exercise is recommended on phase one as it is low calories, phase two which has more calories encourages more exercise. For me this is the best diet ever and would recommend it to everyone.

  7. I started using PS1000 at the end of March 2017 with the goal of losing 12-13 pounds I had put on after a cruise and then the holidays and winter months. The first 24 hours of using the drops, I had some GI discomfort but it went away. (This was addressed in the book they send with the drops.) I have a pretty sensitive stomach so I was glad that I was able to take the drops. I did the drops three times a day for 5 weeks and lost 10 pounds, then switched to 1-2 times a day and met my goal in another 2 weeks. I like that the diet stresses avoiding processed foods and eating fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Its really just common sense but the drops really do help with the cravings. I wasn’t sure at first but I forgot to take the drops with me to work a couple of times and could definitely tell the difference.
    I did some exercise (elliptical, walking) while on the diet. The biggest challenge was being organized enough to take food with me every day to work. It is much easier to run to the drive through or eat a frozen entree than to pack a healthy lunch but it paid off and I am still doing this most days. I definitely recommend this diet.

  8. I have been on PS1000 program for almost three weeks and I have lost eight pounds. I really like it because I am never hungry. I have more than enough to eat. I do exercise about three days a week. I also drink a lot of water. PS1000 program is very easy to follow, and I like all the foods we are allowed to have. Other diets may leave you feeling hungry but not with PS1000.

  9. Reply
    Rafaela Rebecca Mercado Danta August 29, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    I started PS1000 three weeks ago and lost 11 lbs. This is so amazing! I had been with Weight Watchers since then and wasn’t dropping this easy.
    Now that I found PS1000, there is a tremendous change in my eating habit and my life style. I never get hungry and always “on the go”, very active indeed!
    Every time I eat, I feel so full and no cravings between meals. Although it was a challenge at first but as you go along you will never get tired of preparing your own meals because next day you will see the best result as you step on the scale.
    I would recommend PS1000, this is the best eating plan the ever happen in my life. I am sure 100% that I will continue my healthy eating journey.

  10. I’ve been using this product since the beginning of May and I’m steadily losing about three pounds per week, which is fabulous! I feel better than I have in years, I sleep better, I have more energy, and my skin looks amazing since starting PS1000! I love that the plan is so simple and I get to eat real food, not pre-packaged bars and meals. I can buy everything I need at the grocery store, which makes shopping each week easy. On this plan, I’m eating fresh and healthy food five times a day so I’m never hungry – a definite bonus!

  11. I started on PS1000 about two months ago with my mom and it has truly helped me! I am 18 years old and about 100 pounds overweight. After two days I was down seven pounds and was down 13 after two weeks!! This product is amazing, I am feeling better and have more energy. I am positive PS1000 program will change my life! I 100% recommend this product to anyone who has tried in the past to lose weight and it just hasn’t worked. PS1000 program can help you as it has helped me.

  12. I love this diet! I eat basically the same meals as my family. It is easy to take on the road with you. My digestive problems seem to have disappeared. I have lost 15 lbs in three weeks . I would recommend this healthy eating plan to anyone. The support is amazing. I just gave 1/2 my order with a good friend because I wanted her to feel as good as I do! Try it!

  13. I love PS1000! I was struggling to lose the 25 pounds I had gained over the past 2 years. I started PS1000 6 days ago and have lost 7 pounds. I’m eating healthy food and feel great! This is the healthy life style change I was looking for.

  14. Believe it or not, after day 1 (one) I have lost 8 lbs. I’m sure that was a tremendous lot of water weight….. love the salt shaker. But hey, it’s a start. I’m post menopausal and desperately looking for a healthy way to lose weight. I am SO dedicated, that I’m giving up my nightly glass or two or wine. The food list is simple everyday healthy foods. How can you go wrong?

  15. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have tried everything you can possibility think of supplements, shakes, classes, you name it I tried it. When people told me that I better get control of my weight because after the age of 40 it is even harder to lose…so very true. When I first found PS1000 I was very skeptical and have spent thousands of dollars over the years…I was like here I go again. Let me tell you PS1000 does work…if you follow the program the weight will come off. This is by far the best product out there….with lots of support from other people on the program.

  16. I started PS1000 10 days ago. So far I have lost 6 pounds. It is a very regimented diet but that makes it easier to follow. I feel it is something I will be successful with after many failed attempts. I have 45 pounds to go it now seems possible. It is encouraging to have almost instant results to keep you motivated. I purchased the three bottle plan and so far I only have one complaint. they only included one syringe so now I have to find another for dosing at work

  17. Reply
    MaryBeth Eakle Schmidt May 29, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    PS1000 program has been an excellent way to change the way you eat and prepare food. My favorite thing about it is that there are no boxed foods to eat. You fix regular food. If you follow the plan you see results on the scale daily. You learn what your body needs and then integrate exercise in as well. It has proven simple and effective for me. I quit eating at night just to see results the next morning. I look forward to getting on the scale! It has worked better than any other plan I have ever tried. I was skeptical, but am glad I tried PS1000.

  18. I found ONLY one magic diet pill ever that worked. BUT that uhhhh diet pill was considered an illegal narcotic, it was known in the 1970s as Speed! I still don’t get why it is a narcotic, it doesn’t get you high, BUT you do lose weight with it.

  19. I have tried many different things in the past to lose weight and NOTHING compares toPS1000! These drops are literally like a miracle! I have been doing this diet for 3 months now and I am happily 25 pounds down! I seriously couldn’t have done it without PS1000 program. You guys have restored my faith in weight loss! I would recommend these drops to anyone serious about losing weight. You will be amazed with your results!

  20. I have tried many different diets and nothing seemed to work. I needed to lose 15-20 pounds and I was looking for something that would work quickly. In 2.5 weeks I lost 14 pounds! Pureslim is easy to use and I was never hungry or tired. I will continue to keep Pureslim on hand for that quick slim down that is needed before a special event or to get back on track after holidays or vacation. Also the added benefit with this program that many don’t have is the customer service! If you have a question you can email them and they will get back to you quickly with an answer.

  21. My husband and I are both on the Pureslim 1000 diet. He is down 30 lbs and I’m down 21 in 2 months and we are in our 50s! We love all the food we can eat! Our favorite make ahead lunch is taco salad with real beef!! We can have a 5 oz steak and mashed cauliflower for dinner and eggs for breakfast! Plus the almonds and fuit or yogurt and fruit for snacks! Actually, I have a hard time eating all the food we are allowed! If we ever need an idea for dinner, we just check the website which offers recipes from their support and other customers! I am so happy to be eating better food and staying away from the processed junk out there! I am looking forward to 10 more pounds gone and more energy than I have had in years!!

  22. I am new to PS1000 but am doing great. I did a lot of due diligence before I purchased my plan. I am a hard sell and I read every consumer review I could find and saw really good information about PS1000. I am very impressed with the information PS1000 shares on its website, I am impressed that they are in line with eating healthy, exercising and taking charge of your life. As I said I have just recently started the eating plan, but love the foods you can eat, the recipes are fantastic (I will never think of cauliflower the same again – wow cauliflower rice is great); I have made several and I am really enjoying the meals AND have had no problem staying within the food list. I am 100% pleased with PS1000 and really don’t call it a diet, it is a very healthy way to eat.

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