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Phytodren Diet Review

Phytodren Diet Review
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The Phytodren Diet Supplement was designed to help dieters not only lose weight, but also to feel great in the process. Using the Phytodren Diet Supplement, dieters are said to be able to lose weight easier as their energy levels will be increased, which will make exercising easier as a result.* According to the makers of the Phytodren Diet Supplement it is the list of special ingredients that is directly responsible for this phenomenon.

The blend of ingredients in the Phytodren Diet Supplement is not specifically spelled out. However, there are five key ingredients that are touted as the main ingredients responsible for what the product does, which include Andrean Cocoa Extract, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Synephrine HCl, Hops (Humulus Lupulus), and Caffeine.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Phytodren Diet?

The Phytodren Diet Supplement is chock-full of stimulants, one of the main ones of course being caffeine. Because of that, there is sure to be at least some weight loss when using this supplement. However, long-term weight loss would greatly depend on the ability of the dieter to tolerate the stimulant laden supplement and whether or not they are coupling the supplement with proper diet and exercise.

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Is The Phytodren Diet Easy To Follow?

The Phytodren Diet Supplement comes in capsule form and it is to be taken orally with water. However, what is not outright mentioned is that in order to take a supplement so filled with stimulants, the dieter will need to be adequately hydrated. This means going well above and beyond the recommended eight glasses containing eight ounces of water each day. Not adequately hydrating when using a supplement like the Phytodren Diet Supplement can lead to some adverse side effects, such as dehydration and possible diarrhea.

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Many diet supplements on the market today contain at least one stimulant, most commonly caffeine. However, the Phytodren Diet Supplement contains five stimulants and all of them are the main ingredients listed on the company’s website. This raises the question of safety with the product, especially for those who have stomachs that are easily irritated and for those who suffer from any kind of heart condition.

In addition, the price of the Phytodren Diet Supplement is somewhat of a perplexing mystery. Usually, when a product works well the price stays the same unless the company is having a sale of some sort. With the Phytodren Diet Supplement the price has been drastically reduced from $97 to $70 which shows that the company has a possible lack of faith in its own product. Even at the special fire sale price, this stimulant rich supplement is probably one to pass up.

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