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PGX Daily Review

PGX Daily Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesPGX Daily is a weight loss supplement that is said to support overall health while aiding dieters in their weight loss goals. According to the manufacturer of PGX Daily, the soft-gel capsules have the uncanny ability to lower the glycemic index of the foods that a dieter eats each day.* This, in turn, is said to promote healthy blood sugar levels, help with food cravings, promote a full feeling, and level off the body’s metabolism.

While there are a number of ingredients in PGX Daily the main ingredient listed is a proprietary blend called PGX Polyglycoplex. Though the most prevalent ingredient in PGX Daily, there is no mention of what the exact proprietary blend is.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The PGX Daily Diet?

While it is not mentioned by the manufacturers of PGX Daily, in order for the supplement to be effective it has to be combined with proper daily diet and exercise. Even with all the claims of PGX Daily, the chances of the weight loss supplement creating weight loss on its own are not very high.* If there is any weight loss that occurs while using PGX Daily as a standalone it would likely be a coincidence.

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Is The PGX Daily Diet Easy To Follow?

PGX Daily comes in easy to swallow, and digest, softgel capsules. While the recommended dosage to be taken with a full glass of water is three to six capsules before meals, it is recommended that dieters start with one to two in order to build their tolerance. This is not a good sign and probably means that the special secret proprietary blend of ingredients contains some stimulants that might see certain dieters have an adverse reaction. In fact, the small print under the Product Info section on a number of websites states that some will experience minor digestive changes, which might also mean stomach irritation.

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PGX Daily costs around $40 for a 20 to 40 day supply, depending on how many you take each day. But there are a lot of question marks with the product. The fact that they list their largest ingredient simply as proprietary but do not go into detail as to what that is, should be an enormous red flag. Supplements will always contain certain ingredients that make them do what they are designed to do. However, without knowing what you are taking, how will you know whether or not you will be taking something that could prove potentially harmful to you?

For the price, you are better off finding another supplement that offers the same benefits, without the cover-up. While PGX Daily may contain nothing but good things in its proprietary blend, the fact that the manufactures choose to hide what is inside makes buying and using PGX Daily an unnecessary risk.

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