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Genius Burn Review

Genius Burn Review
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The Verdict

Overall, the product is middle of the road okay, with minimal side effects. If this is what you are looking for it does not seem like a bad option just be aware of the main cons I listed below.

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How Does Genius Burn Work?

Each bottle contains 60 veggie capsules that are said to improve brain function, give you more fat loss, and no energy crashes. They are currently selling the 2.0 version online, so be aware this review is about Genius Burn 2.0 not the first product they rolled out. The product is simple to take, as the instructions tell the customer to take one or two capsules one to three times per day 30 minutes before a meal. It is known as a thermogenic diet pill, so be mindful of that if you experience hot flashes when taking it.

Other than those instructions there is not much more to it, making it a simple process to follow. The theacrine in the pills are said to improve energy levels without the jitters, the capsicum extract is the ingredient that raises body temperature causing the thermogenic effect, the Ashwaganha is supposed to help with stress levels and mood, and the tuber fleeceflower helps with weight management. [1]

The Bottom Line
Take 1-2 capsules up to 3 times per day 30 minutes before food.
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Is Genius Burn Safe?

The company promises that their products are made without artificial dyes, flavors, sweeteners, unnecessary fillers, or banned substances.[1]

Most brain boosting, weight loss pills are loaded with a number of caffeine substances that are cheap to create, but they are not present with Genius Burn 2.0 supplement.

The Ingredients

  • Tuber Fleeceflower Extract, Loranthus Parasiticus Extract
  • Ashwaganha
  • Theacrine
  • Citicholine
  • Gymnema sylvestre
  • L-theanine
  • Aframomum meglegueta seed
  • Capsicum Extract
  • Astragin

Right on their website they market “safe” weight loss and that their ingredients are up to standard with no banned substances present in any of their products even outside of the supplement line we are looking into. Because there are limited forms of actual synthetic caffeine present, the company says you can take this capsule with a cup of coffee or a pre – workout. They state,

Boost memory, focus & clarity without the use of cheap artificial stimulants like synthetic caffeine. Cognizin, AlphaSize & TeaCrine come together to improve key brain functions such as concentration & focus, while protecting neural tissue from free radicals.[/su_quote]

The Bottom Line
This product is not loaded with synthetic caffeine and banned substances. They promote clean manufacturing which makes the product look more desirable from a consumers standpoint.
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Genius Burn is a diet capsule created by the company The Genius Brand, and it is said to help someone achieve weight loss as well as a brain boost when taking it. It is essentially a cognitive enhancer, as well as a weight loss aid so it deems itself just a little bit different from the competition on the market today. There are nine trademarked ingredients used in this product, and I will be specific about them below. The company sells an entire line of supplements, and their weight loss section is compiled up of four different products: Genius diet pills, Genius Burn 2.0, Genius Pro-Gt, and Genius Estrogen Balance. The only product available on their site currently are the Genius Diet Pills. For one bottle of the Genius Burn 2.0 pills 60 count it will cost $49.99.

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Pros and Cons of GENIUS BURN

As with anything, there are going to be cons among the pros. One con is the fact that the company sells the product on Amazon. Not only that, but market that they will give a free bottle if you leave a positive review. This explains the good reviews on the site, which makes the company seem unauthentic at first glance. Why do they need to bribe someone into leaving a genuinely good review? It seems as if this fat burning pill breaks down somewhere along the line.

Another con is the price point, because it is not cheap at all! For $49.99 plus shipping charges you will nearly be paying $60 a bottle. One of the cons is that For most people this is really not affordable, and the company may argue their ingredients are not cheap which is the reason for the uptick in their price. Some genuine reviews were simply that the product did not work well for them, and they felt as if they lost money. [2] Others said the product gave them the sweats, as I mentioned above.

A pro is the fact that this company is trying to market the right way, and put good ingredients in their products. You do not find this with many diet pill and supplement companies, so this is a breath of fresh air. They seem to have an honest take to trying to lose weight, it is just a question mark as to whether their product really works as effectively as they market it to.

The Bottom Line
While at first glance this product seems to be untouchable, there are some cons that may outweigh the pros.
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Overall, this is no dangerous diet supplement by any means so this is a positive. The ingredient lists are freely shown, and The Genius Brand is doing everything they can to market a clean and honest ingredient label free from banned and cheap substances. While this is a positive, the price point and effectiveness is surely a negative. They did not have many authentic reviews on Amazon, and majority of the good ratings were bribed. While I understand trying to get traction on a product, this does not seem like a good way to do it.

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