Noom Program Review

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Noom Program: Pros and Cons

There are many PROS associated with this program:

  • Many followers who admit learning psychology behind weight gain
  • Offers free trials
  • Nutritionally sound advice
  • Steady results
  • Offers health coaches

The only CONS I see are basically personal preference issues:

  • A recurring monthly fee vs. a one-time payment
  • A fully online program which ties you to your phone
  • Results can be slow therefore not motivating enough to stay on the program
  • Requires a lot of time to participate in the program fully
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What is Noom

Noom is an app developed by behavioral psychologist in 2015. It targets people who want to make lifestyle changes rather than modify their nutrition by eliminating certain foods, counting calories or swearing of certain foods.

As soon as you visit their website you are asked to provide a long list of information about yourself and in between the questionnaire there is a silent sales pitch convincing you that this is the right choice and that many people have chosen Noom app as THE tool to successfully lose weight.

It is obvious from the very beginning how developers are using psychological tactics to convince potential users that this is the best and pretty much their only choice if they truly want to achieve success not only in their physical goals but overall happiness.


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Noom Price

Noom productsAll new Noom members are eligible for a free 7-day trial. Note that if you decide to cancel before your 7 day trial ends you will be offered deep discount. Might want to consider this as an option to get the best price offered. Generally Noom app will run:

  • Monthly: $59/month
  • 2-Month Plan: $49.50/month
  • 4-Month Plan: $32.25/month

You will also be asked to choose additional products like a workout plan,

Once your trial has ended, you’ll immediately roll into monthly billing and will be offered additional packages (workout, meal plans, sample menus etc.) and will continue until you cancel.

To cancel your membership you have a few options.

Direct message your personal coach via the app

Call support at (800) 910-7375

E-mail support at

Use contact form available on the official Noom site

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Is Noom Easy To Follow

Noom is not complicated but it is time involved. It does a good job at giving you step by step instructions and leads you onto the path of self awareness and opens possibilities to view weight loss from a different perspective.

You will however have to log in, track your food, interact with your Noom coach on the daily basis. In this day and age, it seems we already live in the virtual world more than we would like to admit, Noom app to me was a bit too overwhelming. I kind of miss the old fashioned way. Read a book, track your food, see results on the scale. But if you are someone seeking to be more mindful (isn’t it that everywhere I look now, it’s all about mindfulness?) this a great way to invest time into getting to know your habits that made you gain weight and possibly figure out what needs to happen in order to make the switch to a more positive, healthier approach to food.

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Does Noom Help To Lose Weight?

There are many testimonials found on the web. Some are happy with their results, some frustrated and then there are those that decided to quit before the trial was over. Like with any dietary, lifestyle or behavior changes it takes time but time and effort generally pays especially if you are looking to achieve slower but long term results.

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Word On The Street About Noom Program

Plenty of reviews, thousands actually. Majority of people were happy with what the app has given them, not many talk about the actual weight lost but rather how it made them feel about themselves and look at their relationship with food a bit differently.

Love the articles, humour and CBT approach. Biggest challenge is shame re having my phone as an appendage. My screen time has skyrocketed, especially in places where I typically would not have my phone. ” – Renee

Another user was not happy about the requirements of logging her food and lack of motivation.

Not that great. Can’t seem to follow and log food. Not enough motivation and I just keep gaining weight. I don’t know why I expected NOOM to be any different than any other weight loss app. ” – Anna M

It can’t make everyone happy.

Not happy with the “coach” or the “support group” they put you in. You can down load an app for free to track calories and join a free weight loss support group. There is no actual daily coach working with you. Waste of money. ” – Jennifer

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End Notes

It is developed and will fit right into the lifestyle of those who do not mind spending time on their device. Also, for people who need more motivation than the daily memes that we seem to be bombarded with on every social media account. Will you lose weight? It will largely depend on your will power, dedication and time put into the mindfulness of your  nutrition.

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  1. 1.5
    Weight Loss Speed

    they try to get you hooked in 2 week period then want you to pay for the whole year.They teach about de motivating factors and how to recognize them… It is very DEMOTIVATING to come this far and be asked to pay whole year membership, when they advertise low monthly cost. There are no real options to pay monthly dues.

    + PROS: engaging
    - CONS: no real accountability or support
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  2. 2
    Weight Loss Speed

    Just started today so hard to assess yet

    + PROS: Tracking keeps you accountable
    - CONS: Just started today so not really enough time to assess.
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