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Munchery Review

Munchery Review
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Munchery is a meal delivery system that offers both meal kits and pre-made meals right to your doorstep. This is unique in the meal delivery world, as many companies do not offer both of those options at the same time.  There are no special allergen options to choose from with Munchery such as Gluten free, Vegan, or Paleo so the meals are straight forward and come as is. The company prides itself on creating fast 15 minute meals (if they come in a kit) that the customer can prepare, just like its competitor Gobble. Unlike Gobble, you cannot add on any special items such as soup, dessert, or a kids option and there are no vegetarian options either.

Founded in 2011 by CEO James Beriker, the company has run into a few bumps along the way such as closing down delivery services in some large cities and letting roughly 30% of their staff go as a result of the closures. [1] The company touts its services on same day delivery, unlike its competitors that deliver on only select days.

How Does Munchery Work?

As you can see from above, there are many different similarities with Munchery and other meal delivery services, but in reality it isn’t that similar when you boil down what the company is actually offering. However, as mentioned above, there are options for pre-made meals to come to your doorstep too, but is it really worth the cost versus just ordering real takeout?

Right on the website there are two options: 1. Order as a guest where you will get no discount on meals, or 2.  Order as a member which gives you a 15% discount on meals. To even see menu options, you must enter in your email address.

Choose delivery days of: Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

There are 2 kit or 3 kit options:

2 Kits

Serves 2 people each meal and costs $12.99 per serving. $51.95

3 Kits

Serves 2 people each meal and costs $11.66 per serving $69.95

Once you pick your delivery day and the kits you wish to receive you then pick the meals that come to your doorstep. Some examples of meals are: Chicken Artichoke Alfredo, Olive & Feta Lamb Burgers, Thai Steak Spinach and Brown Rice, and Seared Salmon and Potatoes. Whether you chose 2 or 3 meals is how many recipes you will decide on. Next comes the address, telling the company where to deliver and the rest is history.

The Bottom Line
There are three delivery days, and you can choose between 2 & 3 kits, and there is a guest ordering system or a membership with discounts.
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Is Munchery Safe?

Yes, this company is safe and the meals come properly packaged to ensure that no foodborne illness occurs. Cancelling this meal subscription service is not hard either, and you simply need to contact customer service (which is on the website) so no harm there. [2]

The Bottom Line: This company is entirely safe, and has had no reports of foodborne illness with the way that they send their products.

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Pros and Cons of Munchery

As with anything, there are pros and cons with this meal delivery service. I am not a fan of the way they demand an email just to see their menu, even if you are simply interested but do not want to sign up right away. However, I want to start with the pros and move to the cons.


  1. There are premade meal options as well as meal kits.
  2. The meal kits are meant to take 15 minutes or less to cook.
  3. They deliver on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.


  1. Expensive
  2. The company demands your e-mail before you can take a look at the menu.
  3. The company has let go 30% of staff due to company problems.
  4. There are no allergen friendly options (gluten, vegan, vegetarian)

The Bottom Line: There are both pros and cons with every company, and the pros and cons are very similar to others in the business. [3]

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The company Munchery is a nice option for meal delivery if you are in a large city. The company has seen some hardships, trying to compete with Uber Eats as well as the other big dogs in the industry such as Blue Apron or Gobble. Many of the meal delivery services have a larger menu to choose from and they are more allergen friendly to those who are in need of a special menu. Overall, their pricing is basic and it is not better or worse than its competitors. The meals are nice because the meals take right around 15 minutes to make which is great for those short on time!

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