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Mangodrin Review

Mangodrin Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesMangodrin is a product from the company called TruDerma, advertised as a belly fat pill, and has been said to help you lose a significant amount of weight in just ten days time. The claims they are making are rather optimistic. They have been in business since 2011 and are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The ingredients in this product are irvingia Gabonensis, nettle leaf, inositol niacinate, synephrine caprylate, green tea, glucuronlactone, yohimbe HCL, phenethylamine HCL picamillion, and caffeine. What these ingredients are supposed to enforce is the cravings to be cut down, the metabolism to be revived, and the energy to be restored.*

Because so many companies are fishy with their return policies I wanted to add theirs straight to this review so there are no questions.

The Website Says:

“If you purchased a multiple unit package, and wish to return the entire order, the process is the same as explained above. If you purchased a multiple unit package, use the product for more than one month and wish to return the remaining product, we will refund a prorated amount of the purchase price, less a 15% re-stocking fee.”*

For example, you buy a five-month supply and after using the product for 45 days, you decide that it’s just not for you. To obtain a refund on the eligible amount, you would need to contact us for an RMA as described about, return the unused product, in this case three months, and we’d refund you 3/5ths or 60% of the purchase price, less a 15% re-stocking fee.”*

The instructions for taking this supplement are 2 times daily; once in the morning with 8 oz. of water, and then once in the evening with 8 oz. of water. The product has been on the market for 5 years, and they offer a not so solid money back guarantee of 30 days for a one-time purchase of $49.99.* (Whoo-hoo). It is sold at GNC, online at their website here, as well as on Amazon.com. There was no phone number on the site, but they do provide an e-mail service on their website to reach out to. This has me a little worried in the case of a refund, as they are going to be really hard to get ahold of and the turn around may be slow.

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Do Dieters Lose Weight On Mangodrin?

Due to the long list of the ingredients, this product seems like just another quick fix weight loss solution that may only leave you feeling ill. There were reports of upset stomachs, diarrhea, jitters, and cramping when taking this pill, which has me concerned. Overall, you want to lose weight the healthy way (not just on the toilet for a few weeks) because the weight will just come right back on. This product received a three-star rating which means it worked for some, but was nothing stellar. To make matters even worse, some have even reported to gain weight with this product. Yikes.

I would not put all of my hope in this diet pill alone, as there are many other factors involved with losing weight, and sadly popping pills is not the only solution.

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Is Mangodrin Easy To Follow?

Funny this section should come after my last statement above, as this is more than easy to follow which has me skeptical to say the least. You take the pill twice a day. Anyone can do this, unless the product is making you feel ill in which case you will have a much harder time taking the pill twice a day. If you want to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime, unfortunately this is most definitely not the way to spend your money.

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This product is rather boring to be honest. There is nothing special about it, which sets it apart from other products claiming to make you lose an incredible amount weight. It’s not incredibly expensive, but you will be taking a risk with your money as there has been noted side effects that seem to be rather unpleasant. This is not all natural by any means, and their money back guarantee is less than impressive. The company does not provide a support number to call, nor do they give you in depth detail on why this product is scientifically proven to help you lose a safe amount of weight, and keep it off too. Do with this product what you wish, but note it has not gotten the best reviews from the masses.

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