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Mag 07 Review

Mag 07 Review
Reading Time: 5 minutesThere are urban legends about epic poops after a colon cleanse, like a fast food burger from the 1990s. Or, as a reviewer of Mag O7 cleanse claims, a hunk of “10-year-old bubblegum.” Some people use colon cleansers for constipation. Others for weight loss. Still others in an effort to maintain a healthy digestive system and overall wellness. Mag O7 is manufactured by Aerobic Life Industries (on the bottle)—a subsidiary of Nutrition Brands, Inc. (the website), which is apparently run by NHR Premium Health (same address for all three)—headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona (but incorporated in Nevada—go figure). Aerobic Life has had a Better Business Bureau profile since 2006, but they have no rating. NHR Premium Health also has a BBB profile: accredited (have to qualify, but that’s paid for) and with an A-plus rating (no reviews and no complaints). Contact number on the website is (800) 798-0707. [1][2] A bottle of Mag O7 runs about $22 for 90 tablets and $34 for 180 tablets. It’s available from Amazon and from several supplement shops, as well as the Nutrition Brands website.

Mag O7 Claims

A lot of colon cleanse-makers assert that most of us walk around with pounds of impacted food waste in our guts that needs to be expelled. Does science back that up? What does Mag O7 oxygen cleanse claim? Mag O7 is The Ultimate Oxygenating Digestive System Cleanse! More than just a stool softener, Mag O7 releases Oxygen that travels the digestive tract supporting healthy bacteria! With over 40 years of experience formulating the highest quality oxygen products, Mag O7 is in class of its own! [3] More than just a stool softener, Mag O7 releases Oxygen that travels the digestive tract supporting healthy bacteria. Over time undigested food and waste can build up in the intestinal tract and colon, which can be a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Mag O7 Oxygen Cleanse supplement capsules works to break down and remove old debris and target the harmful bacteria, while magnesium works to soften the intestinal build up and remove unwanted waste. … Other benefits of MagO7 include full digestive cleanse, body detoxification, relief of occasional constipation, oxygen support, and creating a healthy probiotic environment. [4] The Nutrition Brands website states, Nearly 50 years ago, we made a commitment to improving the lives of our customers. We’ve grown with the times, but our natural approach to healthcare stands strong as ever. Satisfaction is only a piece f the puzzle. We strive to provide our customers a richer quality of life through premium products, ongoing educational outreach and ever-improving methods. We offer the most current and relevant healing and preventive resources. We offer honesty and integrity. We offer our pursuit of perfection in the name of your healthcare. [5] It’s always refreshing to see a marketing pitch that isn’t filled with exclamation points and hyperbole. So let’s see if reality lives up to the claims.

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Mag O7 Ingredients [6]

  • Elemental Magnesium (From a Proprietary Blend of Ozonated Magnesium Oxides), 1035 mg.
  • Elemental Potassium (From 261 mg of Potassium Citrate), 99 mg.
  • Other Ingredients: Certified organic rice flour, citric acid & cellulose (vegetable capsules).
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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Mag O7

That a healthy colon and lower digestive tract in general equates to overall good health isn’t disputed. A gastrointestinal medicine expert at UC San Francisco says the colon is an important part of the body’s immune system, but says the claims that colon cleansers detoxify the colon and make one healthier have “no basis in science.” Indeed, a study by Georgetown University Medical School researchers says there are “no proven benefits.” [7] Many believe if a practice has existed for centuries, it must work. Not in this case, say researchers. Colon cleansing has been around since ancient times, when its purported benefits were based on the belief that intestinal waste can poison the body (“autointoxication”) [8] Despite colon cleansing’s long history and current popularity, the literature does not support its purported benefits. [9]WebMD says the body does its own job of detoxifying food waste, and the liver’s job is to “neutralize” toxins. Plus, physicians say, the mucus in the colon keeps crap—literally—from re-entering the bloodstream. And every few days the colon sheds old cells, which prevents buildup. [10] But what about the oxygen claim? Researchers and physicians have their doubts. And add that too much magnesium may be worrisome for people with kidney issues. [11] And as to the supposed associated weight loss with a colon cleanser like Mag O7? The Georgetown study casts doubt. Having a bowel movement doesn’t aid in weight loss—except logically right after a healthy Number 2—because calories are already absorbed by the time your food gets to the large intestine. [9] That said, weight loss is not at the top of Mag O7’s claims. Plus, people really seem to swear by this product. Not for digestive health necessarily, though it does seem to encourage a thorough purging of the bowels. They love it because it makes them “feel better.” The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate dietary supplements, only drugs. As such, supplement labels are prohibited from claiming any research-proven medical or health benefit—this is the function of a drug, in the FDA’s view.

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Word on the Street About Mag O7

So what about the Mag O7 oxygen cleanse reviews? As noted, people seem to love this product. Absolutely love. Almost 3,000 reviews rated it 4.6 of 5 stars on Amazon.com, with a full 80 percent rating it 5-star. [12] Some of the 5-star review headlines read like commercials: “Where has this been my whole life?” or “Works great.” “Love these.” “It’s a miracle.” [13] Of the dozens and dozens of reviews read, many were from users who raved about how effective Mag O7 was at getting them to go. Mag O7 empties the bowels—quickly and completely, and not harshly. Fan fave review: “ Poop-Tastic!” from reviewer “Susan Sturgis” (2016, 5-star). “You will poop and it will be glorious! Zero cramping, zero urgency, just great dumps.” [14] There are many candid testimonials from users of Mag O7 as well. “This is going to sound dramatic, but this stuff has changed my life,” says “Erica” (2017, 5-star). She continues, Not to get too personal but I’ve never been a ‘regular’ person. I’ve recently learned about the health effects of not going daily, having toxic waste just fermenting in your body—UGH!! I was desperate and I had even purchased an enema kit, also from Amazon, to get relief. I used it for a few months. I haven’t had to use it since I found this stuff. It is to say the least a much more pleasant experience. I’ve never had to take more than 2 caps nightly. The first couple of times I used it I did have some cramping/slight urgency the next day but I think that’s just part of the process, it wasn’t like painful laxative cramps—never ever ever again! Now that I take one a night for daily maintenance I have zero cramping. I have recommended these to all of my friends—well the ones who I can talk about pooping with lol! [15] “Love it,” says “Kelly R.” (2017, 5-star). “Totally cleans you out/ will make your tummy flatter. No cramps or uncontrollable side effects.” [16] With a 3-star rating (2016), not sure if reviewer “Marianne” was happy with Mag O7 or not, but she did have a caution for other users: “Be prepared for an EXPLOSION … had to to call out work… Dang!” [17] And then there’s “Dennis G.” (2017, 5-star) who we mentioned at the top about that decade-old gum: “Clear that bubble gum that you swallowed 10 years ago. Works great but feels mild.” [18] There were some negative reviews, though not many. Some of the 1-star comments cited nausea, no effect at all even when taking 3 to 4 pills, and in a couple of cases a reverse effect of constipation. Every supplement affects every individual differently. Gender, age, sometimes race, pre-existing medical conditions, and individual body chemistry—as unique as a fingerprint—can affect how a supplement works on you. That’s why supplements always add that “individual results may vary” disclaimer, and it’s why reviews for a drug or supplement can be all over the spectrum. Only you and your doctor can figure out how it works for you, so always be forthcoming and transparent with your doctor about side effects you experience, as well as if the substance doesn’t seem to be doing anything for you.

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Bottom Line: Is Mag O7 Worth a Try?

Yes. Speaking of the bottom, it’s because of that I’m good with giving the thumbs-up on Mag O7. Not because of claimed cleansing or better digestive health or oxygen support or good bacteria—all stuff our bodies are already handling—but rather, having tried it and had my own spectacular bowel movements where I did actually did feel good afterward, I know the benefit of a great poop. You feel lighter.

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