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Liquid Amino Diet Review

Liquid Amino Diet Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Liquid Amino Diet is based out of Draper, Utah and was founded by Dr. Humble Finsand who is a chiropractor and health instructor. He has only been practicing ten years, so the company we are guessing is not even 5 years old.* They do not provide you a time frame to when the company was founded, which is a red flag right away. The Liquid Amino Diet is essentially amino drops, and endocrine supplements. The drops are meant to suppress your diet, and the diet focuses on low glycemic foods only.

The endocrine supplements are supposed to balance your hormones, and adrenal functions (but there is no ingredient list when looking at the product).* The cost seems to change and we have seen prices as high as $97.00 for a 30-day supply and as low as $79.00. When calling into their support line, my call was answered immediately. The Liquid Amino Supplement explanation can easily be found on their site, but when I asked about the endocrine supplements, there were not any ingredients on the website, nor did she know what was in it. This had me concerned, as I could be ingesting something with no knowledge regarding what it is made of or if it can be harmful. The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and received complaints on the products and the service. See it here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Liquid Amino Diet?

The Liquid Amino diet promotes weight loss at an unhealthy rate. It is essentially putting your body into starvation mode, so the weight is leaving for a limited amount of time. This product is not going to produce you long term results the healthy way, just take a look at a few real customers who put their trust in the Liquid Amino Diet.

We have found some customer reviews that have been posted outside the official site.

“Doesn’t work, just makes you sick. Loaded with alcohol, tried it for two months never lost a pound or an inch. All hype keep your money and just eat right and exercise;” Ligia Lloyd*

“Did not see any difference in weight after the first week. Would not recommend product.” Diane*

“Was not what I expected it to be, and did not work on me. I have not lost any weight with this product.” Luann Teter*

Dieters that have taken part in the Liquid Amino Diet have seen results. We are skeptical though, because during this program the calorie consumption is drastically reduced, which can help an individual lose weight. How much of the weight is actually lost from the overpriced amino drops? We do not think a majority of the weight is coming off because of the drops at all, rather the caloric consumption being reduced.

Some red flags:

  • The company claims you can lose an unrealistic amount of weight in the first 30 days.*
  • They also state that the diet is not meant to go over 90 days.*
  • While they are teaching health and educating on proper foods, the drops seem like an extra way to take money from the customer.
  • A majority of negative customer reviews over positive customer reviews on third party websites.*

When I was on the website, I could not find any clinical studies done to back up the reason to which their products work for weight loss. This had me worried, and skeptical on their proven research they speak highly about.

There are 3 phases of the program. One of the phases includes the products, and the other two are simply to just eat healthy. Why not save hundreds of dollars, and just eat healthier?

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Is The Liquid Amino Diet Easy To Follow?

With the Liquid Amino diet you essentially have to limit your caloric intake to 1,000 calories per day, and eliminate higher glycemic foods. While you are cutting your calories, you have a health book to read and follow. You take the drops before meals, so overall the process to follow the diet is not exhausting. Like mentioned before, the drastic reduction of calories would seem to take the weight off, not the expensive homeopathic drops with little to no scientific backing behind them. A few of the ingredients in the drops are: Lophopytum leandri, Calcarea Carbonica, L-Argenine, and Acetyl L-Carnitine. There were vague descriptions of each ingredient. They do not give you detail behind why the product was essential to losing weight, and how it was formulated to help you lose weight. The 90-day rule has me worried as well, because this is not a long-term fix for health education and weight loss. Sure it can get you started, but it is so severe your bodies metabolism may fight back.

Some side effects from taking this product: Fatigue, Constipation, Headaches, Irritability, and Instant re-gain of weight once off of the product.

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Support is a big part of the weight loss journey, so I looked into their social media channels to see if there was adequate support for their customers. They only provided a Facebook page with minimal activity, and the posts were very infrequent. They are not on Instagram, while they do have 128 hash tag posts from other users. The company offers a tiny 30-day money back guarantee, which is hardly enough time to really try out the product to see if it works for you or not. They claim, “With the Liquid Amino Diet you are guaranteed results or your money back! We are so confident you will lose weight if you follow our program that if you’re not completely satisfied with your results within 30 days of order, simply contact us to return the program for the full purchase price, less shipping. The only thing to lose is weight with the Liquid Amino Diet!”*

The Liquid Amino diet can be found on Amazon and on their personal site at near the same price. Because the reviews on Amazon were so wishy washy it makes me think that the reason people are losing weight is because of the caloric restriction, not the amino drops that sets the foundation for the company.* This company needed a reason to sell a product, and they created the drops, which have no scientific backing, and endocrine supplements with no ingredient list. I would save your time and money on this company, as it seems like a scam and not worth the pricey investment.

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