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Leptopril Review

Leptopril Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesRight on the box Leptopril markets itself toward being a product for the significantly overweight, not for the casual dieter (so I am just going to throw that out there right away).* This diet pill is the generic version of the product called “Leptoprin” and it comes at a much lower cost. Leptoprin costs around $150.00 for one box, whereas Leptopril costs about $25.00 for 95 capsules. This is a very big difference!

The big argument about these products is that it only works for those who need to lose a significant amount of weight. What they are requiring sounds like a borderline scam. So if you need to lose a small amount of weight, this product may just be a big waste of time and money for you.

The Main Ingredients In Both Of These Substances Are:

  • Yerba mate – stimulates the central nervous system, Guarana – a metabolic stimulant, Green Tea extract – Has both antioxidant effects as well as herbal effects, Caffeine – Pretty straight forward., L-thyrosine – Helps optimize thyroid function and promotes a better mood., Calcium, and Niacin.
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Do Dieters Lose Weight On Leptopril?

Because this product is targeted toward one audience (the extremely obese), it has been seen to work for them initially. Others, who have just tried the diet product to see if they can shave a few pounds off, saw little to no results from this product whatsoever. They did note the side effects rather heavily though; those were jitters, headaches, and anxiety. This is most likely due to the high caffeine levels in this product mixed along with the other stimulants.* On Amazon this product gets a measly 3.4 out of 5 stars, so you know something is up with the product, over promising and under delivering to some degree. Many people have said this product is better off as a caffeine stimulant than an actual weight loss product, so it may not be as effective as they are making themselves out to be. Others were saying, this product didn’t work for them at all, and at least they didn’t gain any weight. Yikes.

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Is Leptopril Easy To Follow?

This is merely a diet pill, it is not a nutritional program you follow, so it is going to be as easy as 1,2,3. If you purchase this supplement, you are supposed to take 2 pills about 15 minutes before each meal, and you do not want to take more than 6 pills per day. There is really nothing that is too hard to follow about that, so yes it is fairly easy to follow. It is only for adults, so keep in mind this product is not to be taken by anyone that is under the age of 18 years old. They also mention that many studies have been done on this product when looking at the website, but nothing more comes from those claims.* Nowadays that sentence is thrown around like it’s nothing, because they don’t expect people to actually look into those studies further. Well those trying to find them, and then not being able to do so leaves a customer skeptical about the company as a whole.

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This product is okay, but definitely not worth the $150.00 for sure. If you are dying to try it, go ahead and grab the $25.00 bottle, but do not expect to get your money back. Like one customer said earlier, it may be better off as a caffeine stimulant rather than a weight loss product. So for a caffeine stimulant, you are actually paying more than you really need to pay when it is all said and done. Because this product is for the extremely overweight body, it is best to listen to those instructions and do not purchase if this is not your case. If it is your case, there has been some small success, but no absolute weight and lifestyle changes have been said to come from this diet pill alone so spend cautiously. Do not put all of your eggs in the “Leptopril” basket and expect to get down to your goal weight. Overall the product seems wishy washy which does not do a body good in the long haul.

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