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Leptin Diet Review

Leptin Diet Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Leptin Diet was written by Dr. Byron Richards in 2006, who is also the founder of the supplement company called Wellness Resources, which is located in Minnesota. Dr. Richards claims to be an expert on the hormone named leptin, which is defined as the hormone that controls your hunger levels.* Leptin is made up of adipose cells that help balance your energy levels, which in turn lets your body know if you are hungry or not.* The company provides two different customer service lines to call within the actual supplement company, which are: 800-717-9355 or 952-929-4575.

The five general rules of thumb that you are asked to follow during the Leptin Diet:

  1. Never Eat After Dinner: Finish eating your dinner about 2-3 hours before going to bed.*
  2. Eat Three Meals A Day: Always allow 5-6 hours between meals, and no snacking!*
  3. Do Not Eat Large Meals: Finish a meal when you are slightly full.*
  4. Eat A High Protein Breakfast: Try to eat 20-30 grams of protein at breakfast.*
  5. Reduce The Amount of Carbohydrates Eaten: Limit, don’t cut out carbs.*

While following the five general rules of thumb, you are encouraged to eat fresh and organic foods whenever you have the chance to. Dr. Richards does not encourage calorie counting, but he advises that you consume anywhere from 400-600 calories per meal to stay in a safe weight loss zone throughout the day. The amount of calories and nutrients should come in this form: 40% from fat, 30% from protein, and 30% from carbohydrates. The books provides readers with a lot of scientific information about how the body processes fats, carbs, and proteins but lacks on actual structure of the diet itself, which is one of the main reason people would want to buy this book in the first place. The Leptin Diet Book can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Wal-Mart for around $10.00, which is affordable to many people.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Leptin Diet?

As mentioned above, this book is more informational than an actual diet program, which can be a misleading when reading the title. The author has scientific research to fully explain the hormone leptin, and how it can cause weight gain with individuals. There is more teaching, and informing than an actual diet structure from this book. People who were patient enough to get through the scientific chapters and learn about their health and body functions have been seen to lose weight. Because Dr. Richards has his own supplement company alongside of his book, they offer a variety of services to the customer if they wish to take advantage of them. Some of these services include purchasing supplements, podcasts, as well as reading The Leptin Diet book itself. As you can tell there are many moving parts within this organization as a whole.

Charmed One* said, “Nothing really new in this book that you can’t find on your own online. Leptin diet worked for me last year. But I put the weight back on and this time around – its not working at all. Week one 4 lbs lost, week 2, 1 lb lost – weeks 3,4,5,6,7 – zero lost.” They went onto say that it is just like all of the other diets out there, and you just gain the weight back when you are done with the diet.  

Matt Stegman* said, “Don’t waste your money. while the book goes in to scientific detail about how/why your bady burns or doesnt burn energy, it does not contain any actual diet plan, no meal plans or meal suggestions other than one exam of breakfast (cottage cheese and fruit). There is only a small blerb about the “5 rules”, and trust me, you already know the 5 rules.” He went onto say that the rules were not to eat before bedtime, and don’t carb binge. There is really no new information in this book, other than trying to teach you self control but the reader felt like the information was rather useless and a regurgitation of information that is widely known. There is no real plan to follow which also may seem like a downer to those of you looking to follow a concrete plan to follow.

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Is This Leptin Diet Easy To Follow?

This book has been said to be harder to follow than most diet books, and it is mainly because it is an informational book rather than an actual diet book. The general feedback from customers is that they simply wanted to have a short introduction to Leptin, and then get a detailed diet guide to follow regarding their weight loss. This did not happen, and it left many readers sorely disappointed.

By just reading the 5 general rules of thumb you will get more instruction versus reading the entire book cover to cover. Many people even said that the information past the scientific research was simply just practical information, and nothing out of the ordinary.Because this is simply a book, there is no time frame to how long you have to be on the Leptin Diet; rather it is encouraging more of a lifestyle change for the long haul.

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This entity as a whole has many moving parts, and does not focus entirely on being called “a diet company.” Because there is a supplement company attached to a scientific and informational book that is labeled a diet book, it has the tendency to lead many people astray. The Leptin Diet book itself does more talking, than instructing which has been a result of negative reviews from dieters. If you are looking for an actual diet program to follow that has your long term weight loss goals in mind, this may not be the right choice for you.

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