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JaDera Plus Review

JaDera Plus Review
4.2 Total Score
Reading Time: 5 minutes JaDera Plus is a weight loss pill manufactured by the company JaDera USA, and they are based out of Texas. The company says the diet pill is supposed to suppress your appetite, increase your metabolic rate, boost and increase your endurance, burn calories, and prevent fat accumulation. The company provides an abundance of different weight loss supplements, with the most popular being JaDera Plus, JaDera Slimming, and JaDera Slimming Max. For one bottle you will get 60 capsules and the recommended usage per day is unknown. For one bottle it will cost $28.95, plus shipping. The website is cluttered with small claims here and there, but the proof really lies in the ingredient list as to if this pill is safe and is free of side effects. Do customers lose weight on the JaDera pill, or do they gain more inconveniences? [1]

JaDera Plus Claims

“JaDeraUSA.com will accept returns on UNOPENED products for up to 30 calendar days after you have received them for a full refund of the original purchase price (not including original shipping fee if any.) We WILL NOT, under any circumstances, accept any returns on already opened items. Since every individual has a different perception of what is and isn’t effective, opened products will not be accepted for return as a result of dissatisfaction with product results, taste, etc.” [2]  They claim that L-Dopa can help with a variety of ailments:

“Increased energy levels, improved cholesterol profile & regeneration of organs (heart, kidney, liver, lungs), reduced body fat & decreased cellulite, improved mood and sense of well-being, dramatically strengthened immune system, improved sleep (promotes deep sleep), increased lean muscle mass, decreased wrinkles, improved skin texture & appearance, increased bone density and reversal of osteoporosis, enhanced libido & sexual performance.”

“Do not use this product if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or are taking any prescription monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). If you are uncertain whether your prescription contains MAOI, consult a healthcare professional before taking this product. Not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women.”  Regarding their ingredients they say,

“This extra strength formula now contains new effective ingredients like white kidney bean extract, Coleus Forskolin, and Fucoxanthin. JaDera Slimming Original Plus L-Dopa has been proven to deliver fast weight loss results. With the addition of L-Dopa, additional benefits include reduced body fat and cellulite, improved sleep, enhanced mood and sense of well being, strengthened immune system, and many other health and appearance benefits.”

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JaDera Plus Ingredients

Caralluma Fimbrata, Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) 30%, Cassia Seed Extract Acutifolia (Cassia Senna) , Job’s Tears , Mulberry Leaf, Vitamin B6, GUARANA SEED (GUARANA), Biotin, Niacin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) 95%, Cassia Seed Extract Acutifolia (Cassia Senna), Mulberry Leaf, L-Dopa Mucuna Pruriens, 5-HTP , and Chromium (as Chromium ACC).  [1]

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind JaDera Plus

First I wanted to dive into what L-Dopa is, if you are unfamiliar with it. It is an amino acid and hormone that is created by L-Tyrosine. According to Nootriment,

“It is a precursor to several important and powerful neurotransmitters which include Dopamine, Norepinephrine (Noradrenaline), and Epinephrine (Adrenaline). These are collectively known as catecholamines and they play a role in the stimulation and arousal systems in your brain.” [3]

It is used to combat depression and anxiety, all while allowing you time to focus and concentrate.   L-Dopa is used mostly for treating Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative disease that takes over your body. There is rare word of it being used for weight loss purposes, or even lean muscle mass. If anything, there have been more studies done on how taking too much L-Dopa can even be harmful (especially for patients with Parkinson’s disease). According to Life Sciences,

“Researchers have discovered why long-term use of L-DOPA (levodopa), the most effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease, commonly leads to a movement problem called dyskinesia, a side effect that can be as debilitating as Parkinson’s disease itself. A major reason why these patients want to delay the initiation of L-DOPA therapy is to avoid these dyskinesias for as long as possible.” [4]

As you can see, there is news swirling around about the effect of L-dopa for neurological diseases, not weight loss.  An interesting ingredient that popped up on the list was bitter orange, and it has been a high point of contention with many different studies regarding its safety. Bitter orange is found in the JaDera plus pills, which makes sense because this ingredient is best known to treat weight management issues. So what is all of the talk about the safety of bitter orange? According to Berkeley Wellness,

“Extracts of the dried immature fruit and peel of bitter orange, used in diet supplements, contain synephrine and octopamine, alkaloids that act on the sympathetic nervous system and have stimulant effects. Chemically related to ephedrine (in ephedra), these compounds increase calorie burning in the short term, but there’s concern that they may, like ephedra, increase heart rate and blood pressure and possibly worsen existing heart problems.” [5]

Another study found on NCBI said,

“No adverse effects have been directly attributable to bitter orange extract or p-synephrine. P-Synephrine/bitter orange extract alone as well as in combination with other ingredients results in significant increases in resting metabolic rate, and when taken for periods of time up to 12 weeks may result in modest weight loss.” [6]

So we have two conflicting pieces of information, but the overall consensus is known that the presence of bitter orange is likely in diet related products and can attribute to some weight loss. Be careful and aware of the potential side effects from this ingredient if you do have a history of heart problems and high blood pressure.   When looking into the ingredient white kidney bean to see how it relates to weight loss, there were many different studies swirling around it. There was weight loss seen overtime, and it was recorded that there was an average weight loss of about 7 pounds in the white kidney bean group versus the placebo pill group who was only at 2.9 pounds. [7] Throughout the different studies, this ingredient has been said to help with weight loss because it helps block carbohydrate absorption. Overall, this ingredient does live up to the claims the company is making about weight loss after looking into the studies.   Overall when looking at the company claims versus real science, some match, while others really do not. The diet pill they are promoting is no magic pill, as it will come with side effects and it may only work in the short term, if it works at all.

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Word On The Street About JaDera Plus

When looking for JaDera plus reviews, they were nowhere to be seen. Authentic reviews that is. This supplement is not sold on any outside retail channels aside from the main website. There are no authentic reviews to look into with this product, which is a major cause for concern overall. On Amazon there is a fake retailer whose formula is nothing like the real JaDera diet pills, so it is hard to get an honest read on the product overall. Clearly, this has been an ongoing problem for the company, because right on the bottom of their official website they claim:  “We are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of individuals for intellectual property rights infringement and counterfeit JaDera products.”[1] Along with the claims on the website, they have many misspelling and grammatical errors, which makes JaDera look even more un-credible than they already are appearing. This website was not very well thought out, there is marginal customer support, and there are zero real customer voices regarding their products. For a product that keeps getting knocked off by the Asian market, you have to sit back and really question its overall importance and effectiveness. It is important to stay informed, as finding authentic JaDera plus diet pills for sale will be like finding a needle in a haystack if you don’t order straight from the website.

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The Bottom Line: Is JaDera Plus Worth A Try?

Depends.  If you struggle with high blood pressure or heart problems in general, you are not advised to take JaDera pills. The company makes large claims, some of which ring true with some of the ingredients, and others that don’t match up at all. Overall, the formula is not talked about by any customers, which makes them seem rather undesirable. The most talk that is happening regarding this brand and supplement are the multitudes of knock-off versions that are making people feel ill, and simply are not working for their weight loss. Will the real brand be the same way? Most likely, as there are no reviews, which means it is not as effective as they say it is going to be. The cost is not expensive, but there is a definite risk involved when you try these diet pills out.

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