How To Have A Happier Start To Your Day

Reading Time: 2 minutesWe have all been sound asleep only to be awaken angrily by the screaming of the alarm clock. There is not a worse way to start your day (that I can think of) than that. There are many different tactics you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help you start the day off on a positive note, hopefully carrying that note into the remainder of your day. If you are a heavy sleeper turn your alarm up, but also set your alarm to something a little more peaceful. A soothing tone, or a tone that gradually raises your awareness of the present world.

Positive Thinking

The moment your feet hit the floor, you need to think positively to change the course of our entire day. This will drastically change your mindset for the better no matter what the circumstances may hold. Even if it is just one positive thought, always strive for positive thinking and maybe even goal setting to get your day started off on a bright light.

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Yes, you read that write. Unplug, and let go when you wake up. We tend to reach straight for our phones the moment we wake up, which tends to lead to early stress during the day. Try and keep your hands off of your phone, and the remote control until you have full control of your day and are ready to take it all in head on. Go back to the days when you were a child, and there were no phones available to look at, no news to watch, and no unneeded stress pushed into your life right as you started your day.

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Getting an uplifting playlist going, as well as a soothing music during your morning routine can do wonders for your stress levels. Not only does it keep your mind at ease, but you also will feel more put together and productive as you get your day going. You are in control today!

Whether you have the world’s busiest most stressful day or you have a day off, try and keep your routine the same to ensure good habits. You are in control of your decisions, and you are able to take control of your happiness and stress levels right from the start of your day.    

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