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Gracie Diet Review

Gracie Diet Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Gracie Diet was developed by the same Gracie family that is known worldwide for their prowess in the martial art of Jiu Jitsu. The idea behind the Gracie Diet is to find the right combination of foods and in the proper portion sizes that allow the body to thrive without exposing it to adverse effects like fermentation and acidity.

The Gracie Diet allows for three meals per day and is broken up into three phases. The first phase sees to the three-meal rule and has dieters give up snacks. Water is allowed between meals, but nothing else. Phase two deals with the elimination of desserts and sodas. Phase three tackles starches and shows dieters what to avoid mixing starch with so they get the most out of their diets.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Gracie Diet?

Dieters on the Gracie Diet may lose some weight, but even the writer, Rorion Gracie, says that the diet is one that takes time. Still, if a dieter simply eliminates all snacking and cuts daily meals to three per day, then some weight loss will likely occur.*

Long-term weight loss may be harder to experience. Unless a dieter is willing to exercise, which is recommended, then their weight loss results would eventually plateau or even falter altogether.*

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Is The Gracie Diet Easy To Follow?

The Gracie Diet book contains a 14-day meal plan, but after that a dieter is on their own. While the diet is not super restrictive, it still allows for only three meals per day, which may not be enough food for many dieters. Those used to snacking will find the Gracie Diet a tough one to follow. Additionally, there is mention of activity being important for weight loss, but very little guidance. That means that newcomers to the world of diet and exercise will have a tough time with the Gracie Diet.*

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The Gracie Diet book costs $24.95, but the plan lacks in direction. There is very little given in the way of exercise tips, other than to say it is important. Furthermore, Rorion Gracie is quoted as saying “The Gracie Diet is not a quick weight-loss program. In fact, it should not even be called a ‘diet’ since it does not prohibit eating anything.” He does go on to say that the Gracie Diet is about reprogramming your eating habits and then mixing it with the proper amount of activity, but again, guidance is lacking.

The Gracie Diet is therefore going to be a diet plan that is hard to gain results on, especially for beginners. You are better off finding a more comprehensive program to use, even if it does lack a famous last name in the title.

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