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Gobble Review

Gobble Review
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  • All meals made in one pan
  • All meals suppose to take 15 min to cook
  • On time delivery
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Gobble is a meal service company that touts itself on providing meals to its customers that can be made in 15 minutes or less in one pan. This is a new approach to the meal kit subscription service program, as many other companies do not offer anything similar to this. The company only delivers their meals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday’s which is also different from other companies who deliver Monday and Tuesday.

The founding CEO is named Ooshma Garg and she is based out of San Francisco, California. The CEO is founder of many different companies, one being called Anapata which helps link college students to jobs based on their resume and experiences. [1] She was struggling with cooking her own meals, and maintaining a somewhat healthy lifestyle while creating this service when the idea of Gobble came upon her. The entire idea is fast and easy one pan meals for the customer, so this sets it apart from the other meal subscription services out there.

How Does Gobble Work?

Gobble offers meal option delivery for either two or four people, and is offering a $30 off your first box order (most likely ongoing). This is very typical of many meal delivery services to offer discounts to attract a customer inside. To start off, you will choose your desired amount regarding serving size. Please note the company states,

Our minimum order is 2 dinner kits (4 meals) in order to schedule a delivery. If you do order only four meals for that week, our price per meal is $13.99 ($55.96 total, plus $6.99 for shipping).” [2]

Once you specify how many will be dining each meal, you will sign up with an account and choose your delivery days and look at their weekly menu. Another important piece of information to highlight is the fact that the sneak peak of the meals on the main website is large, with a ton of variety. Your actual week to week choices are not as diverse as the main website. Nonetheless you still get to choose which meals you want which is a nice added bonus.

The 2 Person Plan

  • Members Receive 6 meals per week
  • Your choice as to what dinner kit appeals to you
  • Each meal is $11.99 so roughly $71.94 per week with an additional $6.99 for shipping

The 4 Person Plan

  • Members Receive 12 meals per week
  • Cost is $11.99 per meal or roughly $143.88 per week with an additional $6.99 for shipping
  • Your choice on which dinner kit comes, if you do not have a preference they will auto generate your meals based off of your preferences. Same goes for the 2 person plan.
The Bottom Line
The customer will receive free shipping on their first order, but will have to pay $6.99 for any shipments after that. Cancel, pause, or skip any deliveries if you need to with not much hassle. There are two different plans to choose from: 2 and 4 person plans.
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Is Gobble Safe?

The way the food is delivered is safe, and the food is preserved for hours safely until you get home from work. It is not wise to let these meal deliveries sit out overnight because they are only sitting on one large ice pack at the bottom of the box. Store the food in your refrigerator when you take it inside if you do not plan on cooking right away. Overall, the company is safe and the policies are customer friendly if you need to cancel or pause for any reason.

The Bottom Line
This company is safe, and the food is packaged in a way that does not cause harm to the customer.
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Pros and Cons of Gobble

When weighted against other companies there are a few pros and cons that come up right away. Let’s start with the pros of what Gobble offers to its customer base that some other companies don’t offer, or that they simply just do just as good or better as their competitors.


  • The meals are all made in one pan, which means less clean up after you cook.
  • The meals are supposed to take 15 minutes or less to cook.
  • On time delivery arrivals and two chocolate chip cookies with your first order.
  • Easy to follow recipe card with pictures of the meal.


  • Expensive
  • Weekly Meal Menus options are smaller than advertised.
  • 3 delivery days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).
  • Some meals take 30 minutes to make depending on your skill set. [3]
The Bottom Line
There are an equal amount of pros and cons that come with Gobble!
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Overall, Gobble offers very good options for those in need one quick meals that offer little clean up. You will be cooking though, and some of the meals are said to be longer than 15 minutes as advertised. As with anything, you will be paying for the service and Gobble is a little more expensive sitting at $11.99 each meal versus some companies charge $8.99-$9.99. Gobble offers dinner options, but they also provide side meals, soups, and appetizers that can be added to each meal. All in all, they offer a nice service to those in need of fast meals delivered to your doorstep.

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8 Total Score
Gobble Scorecard

  • All meals made in one pan
  • All meals suppose to take 15 min to cook
  • On time delivery
  • Expensive
  • Weekly Meal Menus options are smaller than advertised
  • Some meals take 30 minutes to make depending on your skill set
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