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FitMiss Burn Review

FitMiss Burn Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesThe FitMiss Burn Supplement is a six-stage fat loss system geared toward women looking to curb their cravings and burn fat.* The marketing behind this product is well done, but does the product work? I will dive into that later on in this review. FitMiss is a supplement marketed towards women, but it doesn’t mean it is exclusive to women because of the ingredients. Due to the nature of it’s name and the pink and black bottle, naturally more women are going to buy it.

FitMiss is an old product formerly known as Shred Matrix that essentially got new packaging, and is mass-produced by MusclePharm to many retailers nationwide.* A very clever marketing strategy indeed. You can purchase this product on Amazon, their official website, Walgreens, and Walmart for around $29.99-$49.99 depending on where you make the purchase.

So What Are The Ingredients In FitMiss Burn?

There are several and one of them is their trademarked formula, which they do not enclose. Big red flag right off the bat. They advertise 6 stages, when in all reality you are taking the same pill for each stage. I am not sure why they are even marketing this as a 6-step process. The main ingredient for all of this is caffeine, which somehow does not cease to surprise me at all.

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Stage 1&2: Energy and Fat Metabolizer

  • Green Tea Extract, Guarana Seed Extract, Yerba Mate, and Yohimbine HCI* On the list of dangerous supplements from the FDA.
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Stages 3&4: Weight Management Control

  • Glucomannan, White Kidney Bean, Raspberry Ketones, Alpha Lipioc Acid, Cayenne, Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf, and Chromium.
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Stage 5: Water Shedding Diuretic Complex

  • Uva Ursi, Arbutin, Dandelion Root, Taraxol & Taraxerol, and Potassium Aspartate.
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Stage 6: Digestive Enzyme Aid

  • Digeseb, Papain, Almond Oil Powder, Corn, Kelp, Apple, Pectin, Lipase, and Lactase.

As you can read all of these ingredients are combined into one pill, in fact they probably take the cake for most ingredients packed into one pill.

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Do Dieters Lose Weight On Fitmiss Burn?

This is really the golden question with a diet pill such as this, especially because of the many different ingredients jam packed inside of it. Everyone’s bodies are going to react differently to pills such as this because there are so many ingredients. Overall this diet pill was a mixed bag with some people saying it worked for them in the short term, while others said it made them feel bloated, have major headaches, and made them gain weight. These are two completely different outcomes, and with the amount of ingredients listed in their pills it will more than likely do more harm than good since the principle ingredient is caffeine. With how cheap this supplement is and their zero money back guarantee, they are most definitely making money on those people willing to try a quick fix solution.

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Is Fitmiss Burn Easy To Follow?

The supplement comes with 90 capsules in the bottle, which amounts to 45 servings in total. The instructions are rather confusing, they advertise the weight loss system as a 6-stage system but there are not six stages involved. It is all mashed together into one large stage (simply by taking the pills each day). Why even waste time or energy marketing the six stages when you are not truly going through 6 stages? As I said earlier, they may hold the record for the most ingredients put into 1 tiny pill.

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Overall this product seems like a nice marketing tactic from MusclePharm. They took an old product, and repackaged it to look better than it actually is in all reality. At the end of the day the six step weight loss program is not only confusing, but it is very misleading, which does nothing for weight loss. The primary ingredient in their product is caffeine, which does not help long term weight loss, so the idea of losing the weight and keeping it off is out the window. They have a terrible money back guarantee (it doesn’t exist to be frank) and their policy of avoiding alcohol and coffee while taking the pill has me scratching my head as to why it would interfere with the pill working in the first place. It will do you better in the long run to just keep on walking past FitMiss Burn next time you are out and about at your local Walgreens or Walmart.

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