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Final Trim Review

Final Trim Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesDirect Alternatives is the company  who sells the diet supplement Final Trim, which promises to suppress your appetite and help you lose weight. It contains some ingredients that help in detoxing your body therefore providing your body with extra benefits such as a false feeling of being full and loss of water weight. The company offers a “Free Trial” which as with any offers like that, can be tricky if not cancelled in time. You will ge billed more than once, and it is quite the task to get the payments to stop charging.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Final Trim Diet?*

The full ingredient list is not provided to the customer, with only the konjak root known to be one of the ingredients. The konjak root has been widely marketed as a weigh loss supplement. Glucomannan (fiber from the konjac root) can have side effects especially for those with excising medical conditions.* The same qualities that attract weight loss seeker
s (has strong laxative effects and also absorbs large quantities of water to give the feeling of fullness therefore reducing desire for more food) can potentially be life threatening by blocking the esophagus, throat or intestine.*

We could not locate authentic customer reviews to see what the feedback is and what is the reported weight loss if any. Companies that like to hide reviews from customers usually do not last very long, as many people want to purchase a supplement from a honest and trustworthy company.

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Is The Final Trim Diet Easy To Follow?

There is no meal or exercise plan to follow. The Final Trim diet pills should be taken twice a day before meals. This is truly not hard to follow which is why we are questioning its validity.

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We have found many reports that the company bills customers with auto billing system and refuses to issue refunds or even cancel orders.* Because of many negative reports and difficulty finding answers about exact ingredients or the lack of explanation on how the product works exactly, we are very skeptical to believe this product can actually help lose weight. When searching for a weight loss solutions eating whole foods and following nutrient rich diet is always the best decision long term.

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