Face The Truth About The Beer Belly

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt is every man’s nightmare to look in the mirror one day and realize they have a beer belly, or worse yet to hear it from their friends. Unfortunately, belly fat is not a sign of solidity and wealth for men like in the old days. Beer belly for a man is not only an element of disfigured body but is also dangerous to the health.

The owner of “the beer belly” is much more vulnerable to heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. These are not just empty words, but the facts proved by scientists.

To get rid of belly fat a man would not only have to work hard in the gym, pumping the press, but also follow a special diet for life.

So, if you are like many men who love beer but would prefer to not have a beer belly or finally want to get rid of it, this article will give you some great tips on how to achieve that.

How To Get Rid Of The Beer Belly

It is best to start with a visit to the doctor who can do a physical examination and also order blood tests to see where you stand, health wise. We know how men dislike (might even not be the strong enough word for it) going to the doctor but it is extremely important to kick this problem in the butt as soon as possible. Believe it or not doctors are there to help you. We do believe that not all know much about nutrition and exercise therefore that should be left for either a health coach or even a gym trainer. But doctors can determine where your health is at right now, so you know how far you need to go.

  • Minimizing the consumption of high-calorie processed foods, such as fried foods, fatty snacks, cookies and candy help to remove belly fat in men very quickly. Replace such foods with low-calorie, nutritious meals such as salad, grilled protein, whole grain sandwiches etc. You have to learn to love low-fat dairy products, fish, white meat chicken, fruits and vegetables. Explore the range of vegetarian cuisine. You’ll be amazed that tasty and healthy can be combined to make tasty meals.
  • Planning ahead your meals might be one of the crucial parts for success. Try to eat regularly, every 4 hours and snacks in between meals. Try to go for some sort of protein for both meals and snacks. Almonds, eggs, yogurt, lean proteins are all great foods when trying to lose or just maintain your weight. For a fit looking and feeling body changing your diet will not be enough. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are high in calories and should not be consumed on the daily basis. Beer also contains plant hormones similar in composition to the female sex hormone. Do you want a lot of that in your body?
  • Try green tea. It quenches thirst and also decreases appetite, saturates the body with antioxidants that help to keep your body feel young and strong.
  • Learn to be attentive to food. You agree that you would not fill your luxury car with cheap gasoline. So why do men tend to “season” themselves with food without much thought, just because it tastes good? When you buy products at the store, make sure they do not contain trans fats and don’t have excessive amounts of animal fat. If the label has more than 5 ingredients, especially such that you cannot even pronounce, do not trust it. Substitute white refined sugar with honey. Believe me, getting used to it is not that difficult. It will take a couple of days and you will notice positive effects immediately.
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How Much Impact Can the Exercise Have In Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

Force yourself to lose weight by exercising at least 30 minutes a day. Yes, it’s hard, but with enough determination it can become a habit and even feel good. You can use any kind of sport that you like: jogging, cycling, lifting weights in the gym or even at home. Start the morning with 20 exercises to build core muscles that in turn might even help produce the dreamed of “six pack”. Visual number changes can be very stimulating so before you start any of the above write down all your measurements especially the thickest part of your belly.

Did you know that stress could disrupt the energy balance in the body and lead to fat stores in the abdomen? Why not try doing yoga for 15-20 minutes instead of one TV show. It will help relieve stress, improve your balance, strengthen core muscles and release some of the stubborn body fat.

Sleep is very important when trying to lose weight or simply feel good and rested. Studies have shown that 8-10 hours of sleep provides energy needed to function at the highest capacity.

I know it might seem like a lot to ask but remember that the car will not run without gas especially the “good” gas. Make small changes and seep big results. Be happy!

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