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eDiets Review

eDiets Review
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Since 1996 eDiets has been online offering a variety of services for those willing to pay a price. What started out as an online resource for recipes has now transformed. It is a place where over 1.3 million users go to seek help with their weight loss. This has made eDiets number one for an online weight loss service. Because they are online, there is also no customer service to directly contact. Instead, you will be using this contact form in the case of any questions.

In 2008 eDiets revamped itself and became a hub for weight loss help. Along with hordes of recipes, eDiets now offers a fitness program, various weight calculators and custom questionnaires to help participants figure out the best food for their lifestyles. They even started their own meal delivery service for an additional fee.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The “eDiets” Diet?

“I signed up for month and have repeatedly tried to cancel. They are continuing to charge my credit card and refusing to cancel my account. Repeated emails and attempts to contact them have not work. I am in the process of sorting out my credit card statements. I am frustrated by how deceptive their website is and how hard it is to cancel an account. There is a deliberate intent to cheat here.” – Mary*

Lisa* said,

“I signed up for a 7-day free trial. I canceled and eDiets continued to charge my credit card. They continued to push through charges after the card was canceled by my bank. After this issue, I checked Consumer Affairs and eDiets received a D-rating. I should have checked here for before buying online from this fraudulent organization.” 

She also went onto say that the funds the company pulled from the account interfered with her health bills she had to pay, and she also couldn’t pump gas into her car due to lack of funds either.”

Aneeka* said, 

“They were offering a 3-month membership for $11.00 and change. They failed to tell new members who wanted these services that there would be extra charges to use most of the site. To put a long story short, I ended up paying $50.00 a month instead of $11.00!”

When she tried to cancel they wanted to charge her an additional $25.00 cancellation fee because her 3 months wasn’t quite up yet. When trying to contact the company, she got no response and no refund.

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Is The “eDiets” Diet Easy To Follow?

For those who already have a handle on their weight loss goals and simply need more direction eDiets can be helpful and easy to use. However, many who may be attempting to lose weight for the first time or have little knowledge about health and fitness will find that it can be very overwhelming. Variety is great, but not if you don’t know what you are looking at. To make matters worse, eDiets has a bad reputation when it comes to customer service making it even more difficult for those just starting out on their weight loss journey.

Be mindful that your credit card may be charged over and over without your consent make sure and ask the right questions before handing over your card information. This is more of a “company” review versus an actual supplement or program as they have been more than unfaithful to their customer base.

There are many reviews that can be found in regards to eDiets and many customers cite a lot of weight loss where others cite little to none. While it can help with recipes and even meal preparation it can be assumed that many do not do enough exercise which can greatly hinder any weight loss program. Unfortunately, there is no way to measure the true success of eDiets as it offers so many different meal plans. What might work for weight loss for some, will not for others. But choosing the right type of diet is left in the hands of the participants.

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eDiets costs about $5 per week or roughly $20 per month (or so they say). For that you get recipes and other health and fitness resources you can use to help you lose weight. But, it should be noted that there are many websites that now offer everything eDiets does, only they don’t charge a dime. You might have to do a bit more searching, but you won’t have to pay $20 per month if your credit card gets repeatedly billed. Their social media sites have not been updated in over a year either. This says a lot about their loyalty to customer support in the long run. There simply is not a lot of support.

eDiets has also seemingly failed with their food delivery according to many online reviews. Most say that the food is not very appetizing. They also say it is expensive, and that little to no weight is lost while eating the food. eDiets does offer a money back guarantee if no weight is lost within the first month. However, the reviews say the refund is made far too hard to obtain. This again notes the poor customer service that eDiets has sadly become known for.

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