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Dietitian Cassie Review

Dietitian Cassie Review
8.2 Total Score
Reading Time: 6 minutes Dietitian Cassie is a woman who had a vision and wanted to start enriching people’s lives through health and fitness. She is best known to be a motivational speaker, author, and health lover who coaches people to success through the web. Her story is rather compelling, and she had to hit rock bottom before she could really begin to climb her way back to the top. She openly shared as a student trying to get her dietitian degree, she was as addicted to sugar as she would ever be. She felt like a fraud, however, as she was acing all of her classes and knew all of the information about health and wellness. It wasn’t until her dad had to have emergency heart surgery that her eyes were truly opened.   The nurse who came into the room after the surgery gave them a list of what he could eat and couldn’t eat. It was low fat foods (aka, high in sugar) which actually landed him in the hospital in the first place. As a student about to get her dietitian degree, she was floored that this is the diet that was recommended to her father. She was eating similar to this and she was 20 pounds heavier than she had ever been, so she knew something was not right. She decided to take matters into her own hands and do research so that she could help her dad get back on track. To her surprise, low fat and low-calorie eating was not the route to go at all, in fact it was opposite.   After she was inspired to help herself lose weight and help get her father back on track, she wanted to create a healthy, simple, no-nonsense health program that people could follow. She wanted to inspire them to also get on track with their health and fitness goals. That is how “Dietitian Cassie” evolved, and how the diet program got its first start. There are several different programs to choose from when looking on her official site and they all involved eating real foods, creating simple meal plans, and knowing what supplements to take. When looking into each program, it was hard to get a handle on what each one offered. [1]  They are all available for download onto your computer, and the prices range anywhere from $49.00 to $75.00 depending on which program you want. She offers 50 days worth of meal plans friendly for kids, adults, as well as 50 days worth of snack options. There are different virtual classes offered on educating people on healthy life and diet habits. See the different programs and packages below:


Nutrition Reset

A webinar with video presentations, worksheets, and 7-days worth of meal plans. For $49.00 she says you can learn how to conquer your cravings and get ahold of your metabolism.

Careers in Nutrition

$79.00 which goes through how to start your own thriving practice.


$49.00 which covers advice on how to get your hormones in balance with different videos and PDF sheets.

50 days of PFC Meal Plans 

$49.00 for this 50-day meal plan e-guide that has meals and snacks to choose from. All approved by Dietitian Cassie.

50 days of PFC Meal Plans for Kids

$49.00 for a 50-day meal plan e-guide that has meals and snacks to choose from all kid friendly. All approved by Dietitian Cassie. [2]  Other programs that are offered are boot camps, personal one-on-one coaching sessions, memberships to her online community, options to sign up for her 10-day resets, and you can even try and hire her for a speaking event! She is the well known author of the book “Why Am I Still Fat?” and that is also available for purchase on the main website. She also has partnered with real food vitamins, which offers a variety of health supplements to take while going through and following her diet programs.   Her book is $14.99 and she claims,

“In my #1 best selling book, I reveal the fourteen never-talked-about keys no one has told you about. These are the keys that really unlock your metabolism’s true power. I outline the perfect program for rebooting your metabolism and losing weight—all while eating more food than you’ve ever eaten on any diet. This may be the first time a dietitian tells you that weight loss isn’t just about food and exercise! This new approach will free you forever from a vicious cycle of endless dieting.” [3]

The beginning of the website makes a person feel invited in, while the programs being sold make it feel like just another e-book site. They all make the large claims with the secret keys to weight loss that no one has ever thought about. What about the simple life, Cassie? Living healthy, simple, and free is what makes her website seem inviting at first glance.

What is PFC?

Many of you read the titles “PFC” and probably were unsure of what it was (as was I). This stands for Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates. According to Healthy Simple Life,

“Protein is a building block for many of our neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and has the ability to increase our metabolism. Fat supports brain function, keeps us full and acts as a buffer for carbohydrates by slowing down their assimilation into our bloodstream. Carbohydrates give us quick energy because they have the greatest effect on raising blood sugar levels. The best way to support metabolism and brain function is by consuming all three macronutrients together.” [4]

About Healthy Simple Life

This website is actually different from Dietitian Cassie’s main website that offers her e-books and classes. She has a team of nutritionists who offer coaching and it can come in the form of in person classes (Minnesota only) or online. With two different packages to choose from, the six months and the twelve months, there are many things given within these time frames. For both packages you will be getting the same things, and I will outline them below.

  1. 90-Minute Introductory Session: In this first session you will meet with your coach, and you will get to know each other better. Goals will be discussed, and action steps will be put into place. It is like getting two sessions for the price of one at the very beginning.
  2. Two different monthly appointments with your dietitian. Each session is 45 minutes long, and you have the opportunity to go over anything you will need.
  3. Personal Health Assessment: This is where you will be analyzed on your progress by your dietitian coach.
  4. 14 days of customized meal plans: After your first 90 minute session your dietitian will come up with 14 days worth of meals to get you going in the right direction. This happens with both the 6 and 12 month packages.
  5. Customized Nutrition Portfolio: This has your information in it like your meal plans, goals, and progress.
  6. PFC Club Membership Access: You will have access to the private online community, as well as access to support groups. [5]

When looking into starting either of these programs, it was hard to nail down the cost. You have to go through an application process to see if you’re even eligable for a dietitian in the first place, and that application will cost you $99.00 up front. This is not cheap, and it is not a guarantee you will even get in. What I don’t like about this is you have a person willing to get started, but they have to jump through hoops and wait a few days to hear back from anyone. This process slows down motivation and sales in the long run. With no transparent cost on the packages, it makes me feel like the company is trying to hide something from the potential customer.

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Dietitian Cassie Book Review

Because there are so many moving parts with Dietitian Cassie, I wanted to take some time to review her book because many people will opt to go that route versus invest in coaching. Her book called, “Why Am I Still Fat?: The Hidden Keys To Unlocking That Stubborn Weight Loss” is found in many different retail bookstores, and online as well. The book scored high ratings overall within the customer base that tried it out and read it through. It’s main points regard the healthy eater who is still unable to lose those stubborn pounds. Most people are just told to eat less and move more, but she claims there is more to the equation than that. When reading the book, she promises you will rev up your metabolism, cut cravings, and lose pounds.   So what did readers have to say about this book and how effective it really is for weight loss? She claims to give you the keys to weight loss, but how true is it really? Overall, the reviews were actually pretty positive with people liking the way the book was written.   Hearty Heart (2017, 4 star),  

“Not sure it contained enough ideas to use it daily. Moderation at meal time is best way to handle weight control – if you have been very active previously and then break a bone, the inactivity requires that you either eat less or become more active again.” [6
Laurel (2016, 4 star),  
“Decent book with lots of information. As with all self-help type books, the reader needs to sift through information to determine what facts, methods etc are for them. This book has a lot of suggestions for people to correct bad habits, build new healthier habits and make life better. Author seems to be well educated and experienced in the subject.” [7
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The Bottom Line: Is Dietitian Cassie Worth Your Time?

Yes. Overall, this diet program has a lot of different moving parts. From the supplements you take, to the E-books and classes you can enroll and receive, to signing up with an actual dietitian through her other website. This is nothing short of endless, and for some people, this might just be overwhelming. She claims it is all simple, but the process of eliminations for her programs is not simple at all. All of those comments aside, there are still some positive things she brings to the table and she focuses on educating her customers with valuable information.

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8.2 Total Score
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