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Better Choice: Steaming vs. Boiling

Better Choice: Steaming vs. Boiling
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Let me start by saying both options (Steaming and Boiling) are great options when cooking your favorite foods. With veggies especially, opting for steaming is important because you are ensuring there are as many nutrients in your food as possible. Steamed veggies retain most of their flavor and nutrients, which in turn makes this a healthier option when cooking. When you boil a vegetable like broccoli for example the water can turn green which causes loss of nutrients in the water. This can also occur with other veggies you boil instead of steam, so be aware!

Steamed veggies are also said to taste better and have a better consistency, so that is a motivator as well! It is also important to note that the nutrients stay in tact much better if you wash and dry the veggies before cutting them up to be cooked, steamed, or sautéed. Next time you are contemplating how to cook your veggies, opt to steam for a healthier experience!

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