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Better Choice: Red Wine vs. White Wine

Better Choice: Red Wine vs. White Wine
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What to choose? That glorious glass of red, or that sweet choice of white? There are many options when it comes to your wine choices, but there is a little healthier choice when it comes to reds and whites. Both contain alcohol, which are not known to be extremely healthy overall for one’s health, but red wine also contains heart healthy benefits. The antioxidants called “polyphenols” have been said to help protect the lining of the blood vessels in your ticker (heart). This is just another reason to choose red over the more “sugary” option of white.

Those antioxidants in red wine can also help reduce your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels, which are both very important to one’s health! On top of the benefits already listed, red wine also can help improve the immune system which in turn keeps you healthy and on top of your game! Next time you are pondering between the two, go for red!

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