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Atrafen Review

Atrafen Review
6.2 Total Score
  • Mild side effects
  • Not the most expensive
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Atrafen is a diet pill manufactured by the company Nutratech. This supplement is said to be a thermogenic weight loss pill, and it is supposed to suppress down your appetite to boost fat loss. Of course, the company promotes quick weight loss within 30 days which does not surprise me at all. Nutratach was founded back in 2006 so it has been around relatively long in the diet pill world, and they have released other weight aid supplements like Ostaflex and Garcinia Plus. [1]

The Final Verdict

Although the ingredients are not necessarily harmful, this supplement is not very practical. If you take certain medications clear it with your doctor first because grapefruit powder has been said to neutralize certain medications effectiveness.

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How Does Atrafen Work?

This diet pill is easy to take because it requires little to no work on the consumers end. In one bottle there are 60 capsules which will cost $39.97 plus shipping. The bottle is meant to last for 30 days, but there are no instructions on the website regarding how to properly take Atrafen. I am assuming you take 2 pills per day with food and water. On the website, the company says that men can lose up to 14 pounds in one month and women can lose anywhere from 11-13 pounds. Because it is a thermogenic weight loss pill, there are a variety of ingredients that are caffeine based as you can see below. Ingredients: Raspberry Ketone, African Mango Extract, Irvingia Gabonensis, Acai Fruit, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Caffeine Anhydrous, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Kelp, and Grapefruit Powder. [2]

The Bottom Line
This fat burning pill is meant to be taken twice daily for 30 days. There are a variety of ingredients that are caffeine based for the thermogenic effect.
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Is Atrafen Safe?

The ingredient list is rather clean with this diet pill, and it surprised me to say the least. The name of this diet supplement does not appear to have natural ingredients inside, so it threw me for a loop. Once looking into each ingredient it is clear this product is loaded with a few different styles of caffeine, as well as body cleansers such as apple cider vinegar. African Mango has been said to help with appetite control thus resulting in some fat loss. It has the power to speed up the metabolism and block the build up of unwanted fat in problem areas. [3] The raspberry ketones found in this supplement are likely not natural, but rather artificially manufactured. It has been said to help the body burn fat and elevate natural ketone blood levels, but it takes a lot of this natural substance for it to actually work its magic. [4] In a nutshell, there are no harmful ingredients but you will want to watch out for the grapefruit powder if you are taking certain medication, because it can interfere with certain medications. General side effects noted after taking this supplement are: Headaches, upset stomach, and nausea.

The Bottom Line
This is not a dangerous product, but if you take certain medications clear it with your doctor first because grapefruit powder has been said to neutralize certain medications effectiveness.
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Pros and Cons of Atrafen

This is a pretty even race with pros and cons regarding the diet pill Atrafen. It is not the most expensive diet pill on the market, which is a nice pro. Also, the side effects are very mild in comparison to others out there today. The price point is also very average so the customer shouldn’t feel too ripped off if they do not see results right away. A con comes down to their 30 day unused and unopened policy. Once you buy this product, there is no getting your money back so you will be taking a risk. This tells me the company really does not stand by the effectiveness of the diet pill. The company also has spotty customer service, which is no real surprise. So when you purchase the product from the main website, you are on your own if you have any questions or problems. Weight loss has not been that great from those users who have actually taken a risk with it. A last con is simply the fact that no one sells Atrafen except the company’s main website.

The Bottom Line
This product is pretty meek. There is a bad return policy, and little to no customer service. The pros are the price point, and the ingredients for the most part. People
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Atrafen is not a complete waste of money, but you will be taking a risk if you purchase it due to their horrible refund policy. At the end of the day, the ingredient list seems to be pretty good, and the thermogenic effect the company promises is there. While some have seen weight loss, others have not seen any so it is a complete gamble if it will work for you or not. The side effects are really limited, so that is a positive! With the price point being somewhat low for 30 days, it might not be a terrible gamble but it is one I most likely would not take.

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6.2 Total Score
Atrafen Scorecard

  • Mild side effects
  • Not the most expensive
  • Only 30 day return policy
  • Spotty customer service
  • Reported weight loss has not been very good
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