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Alli Review

Alli Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesAlli is a form of a drug called Orlistat which is ingested to aid in the blocking of fat absorption. According to several studies, Alli can block up to 25% of the fat that you consume.* The fat actually gets blocked from being absorbed by your intestines. It is then meant to be passed with your bowl movements.

Alli is only meant to be used for dieters who have tried diet and exercise in the past and have not been able to lose weight. Or for those who may be considered morbidly obese. Similar drugs are sold in prescription form, but Alli is able to be purchased in most states over-the-counter.

Basically, the Alli Diet Plan is just the addition of Alli tablets to a normal diet. Of course results are expected to be enhanced with proper diet and exercise.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Alli Diet?

Weight loss varies from person to person with Alli. Much of the weight loss and the amount of it will all depend on what type of diet a person is on. Should a dieter continue to eat large amounts of fatty foods and simply add Alli to their diet, they may lose some weight. Not enough to make a significant difference. It should also be noted that any weight lost with the Alli Diet Plan is likely to be gained back once a dieter stops taking Alli. Unless of course drastic steps are taken which would include cutting daily calorie and fat consumption.

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Is The Alli Diet Easy To Follow?

The Alli Diet Plan couldn’t be easier to follow. All you do is add Alli tablets to your everyday diet according to the package’s directions. However, there is a lot of concern with how safe the drug is. There are many side effects that can come with using Alli. In turn this would prompt you to stop taking it and force you to go off the Alli Diet Plan thus stopping any weight loss progress you might have enjoyed.

In addition, because Alli is a blocking drug many other nutrients and minerals can get blocked with the fat. So, the makers of Alli recommend large amounts of vitamin supplementation while taking Alli. This means more to buy and more to remember to take.

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Loose stool, stomach cramps, difficulty holding your bowl movements, and oily or fatty stool. These are just the lesser side effects that can come with the Alli Diet Plan. In addition, you might also be one of the few who face severe liver damage as a result of taking the drug.*

While the Alli Diet Plan might help you lose a bit of weight, it doesn’t seem that it will do so in a completely safe manner. In the end, what good is a little bit of weight loss if it means you have to sacrifice your health in the process?

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