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Activ8 X Review

Activ8 X Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesActiv8 X was brought to life in 2011, and is manufactured by AMAS Enterprises Limited, and they are based out of the United Kingdom. The diet drops are instructed to be placed under your tongue, and meant to stay there for 1-2 minutes as the formula reaches the blood stream.*

The website was rather jumbled, as it gave me a very high level overview on the ingredients, with no direct amounts given for each one (sigh). To top it all off, only seven ingredients are listed on the website, but there are over 21 ingredients actually in the drops.* Why not just tell us everything that’s in the product, and the amounts? There were also no direct instructions on how you are supposed to take the drops, which has me worried about the overall structure and organization of the company as a whole. They offer a 35-day money back guarantee, in which during this time you can use the product for up to 10 days. They say that you can use the drops with any diet program, but recommend you give their diet plan a chance. This hunger less diet plan already has many holes, and chinks in its armor, which has me reluctant to look on any further.

 Do Dieters Lose Weight On Activ8 X?

The testimonials on the website were obviously fantastic, and over dramatic which does not surprise me. I went looking for outside sources to get a real read on the product, and how effective it is for dieters looking to lose weight. My research found that the diet drops were interesting, as they left a tingling feeling under the tongue when they were initially consumed.* There were no actual side effects noted negatively since the caffeine amount was minimum, taking away the jittery side effects that caffeine can leave all together. There was a mix of people saying that the program helped them lose a couple of pounds, and then some that said it was just a big confusing mess at the end of it all. Not to mention, the product is rather expensive with a one-month supply costing nearly $65.00 in total, and this doesn’t add in the expensive cost to ship from the UK!

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 Is Activ8 X Easy To Follow?

The diet program’s structure was hard to get used to for many people, as you can earn certain credits based on the type of foods you consume in that particular day. The dieter is allowed to do an all protein day, carb day, and a mix of both (which is allowed twice a month). There is a credit list with foods listed, but there are many gray areas to how many credits certain foods may be. The general consensus from the people following this diet program was how hard it was to get a read on the credits you were consuming if you cooked a meal away from the diet guides meals. It left many guessing, and trying to get close to their credits, but still it deemed frustrating for many.

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When looking into their actual support systems, their social media accounts were astonishingly unpopular. With how long they have been on the market you would think they would offer their customers some love on social media, by posting relevant content for them to read and enjoy, but they do not. Activ8 X’s overall structure is very confusing with the credit systems, and guides you have to muddle through on a daily basis. When looking to purchase the product outside of the website itself, it was literally nowhere to be found. Amazon has taken the product completely off of their website for the time being, which is never a good sign.* All in all, there are too many red flags for me to call this product legitimate, as the ingredient lists are not given in full, the amounts are not present, there is hardly any customer support from social media, and Amazon no longer will post the product to be sold. I would not recommend this product to any dieters at this point, save your money and your energy on this one.

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