Absolute Must Habits To Form

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Habits are practices or rituals that are usually hard to give up or aquire when desired. They develop over time and we all have them. Some might be better than others but they simply work for us for one reason or other.
In easy words habits form with a three part process also called “habit loop”. It starts with a trigger that informs your brain to go into an automatic mode followed by the behavior (habit), followed by a reward which is what forms the habit.
Have you ever been impressed with some people that seem to have these “good” habits and they just do it automatically? The reward of some of it is greater than the effort or time out into it.
What are some habits that should be an absolute must for everyone to form and should be passed on to our children?
Here is the list of some that will make you happier, healthier and more successful!


This is a habit that can add an element of peace and trigger happy hormones to be produced just because your “smile” muscles send signals that tell your brain to “be” happy.
First thing when you get to the bathroom sink in the morning smile to yourself. You will be surprised how this can elevate your mood. Smile to a person sitting next to you, a person in the next car at an intersection, a grumpy cashier at a grocery store. I would say you might see some magic happening not only around you inside the people you have touched with unexpected kindness of a smile but within yourself too. You will get this warm giddy feeling that you might have not felt since you were a child. A smile can break the coldest heart!
Make sure you do so heartily and watch how that affects other people, for some it might be something that makes their day. Doesn’t feel good to make other people happy?

Drink Tea!

A Habits of drinking teaThis one might seem strange at first but hear me out. Besides the fact that tea has tremendous health benefits it can also help you take a few minutes out of the day to reflect on whatever thoughts you have been having, relax and focus on now, enjoy some peace and quiet all by yourself without any electronics or TV on.
I practice tea meditation every day as soon as I wake up while the kids are still asleep. It is just a beautiful ritual that helps me wake up and gather my thoughts and think of the gratitude I have for myself and the world around me.
Try to make every step of the tea preparation to drinking to clean up mindful and reap the effects of peace and calmness it will bring.

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