5 Things To Get Rid Of Today

Reading Time: 2 minutesEvery year we get the chance to start over, to feel fresh and clean from the grime that can hold us back, and some of the grime I am referring to is clutter. There are a few simple things that you can get rid of today that will help you free up space in your life as you tackle the year ahead.

Old Magazines 

The piles of old, and outdated magazines that are never going to be read again need to make their way to the recycling bin. These items take up unnecessary space in your home, and they are easy to discard of.

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User Manuals 

With all of the gadgets, and appliances that each of us hold in our homes, it is no surprise that we have drawers filled with booklets and manuals that rarely get read. Discard these manuals, and booklets when you find them because there is a useful tool that can give you all the knowledge you need, and it’s called the “internet.”

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Old Coffee Mugs 

Yes, I am talking about the boxes and boxes of coffee mugs you have in storage. Get rid of them by donating them to a charitable organization that can put them to use everyday. Small changes like this will not only free up your personal space, but will help people who may need them!

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Old Calendars 

We are now in 2016, so anything that reads 2015 or later should be recycled pronto. Some people hold onto calendars for sentimental reasons, which is perfectly fine but try and limit your amount significantly!

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Anything Expired 

Take a look at your pantry, and look for foods such as spices, sauces, and syrups that are expired. Toss these out right away, and clean out your pantry in the process. This will help you when you go to the grocery store to know what you actually need, rather than doubling or tripling up. Also, go through your makeup drawer and medicine cabinets to look for items that are expired such as makeup, prescriptions, and sunscreens.

With these simple items out of your life, that only created clutter rather than value you will be able to breathe easy. Small adjustments, and clean ups such as this will have you ready to face the new year on a clean slate!

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