5 Lies You Have Been Told About What Healthy Life Is

Reading Time: 3 minutesEveryone has gotten on the fashionable healthy eating trend. There are so many rules to follow and each seems to contradict the other. Which ones should you believe and which ones are simply better left up to you to decide.

Here are some known “rules”

“8 hour-Dreams”

Today we have an alternative point of view on the amount of sleep that a person needs. A number of scientists from foreign specialized agencies, have gathered information from a number of tests and investigations, have determined that traditional 8 hours is not the optimal amount. There are some people who are quite satisfied with to 6-7 hours of sleep and feel rested. For these people forcing themselves to sleep for 8 hours can only worsen their health.
In general, according to experts, it is better not to pay attention to the amount of sleep, rather going to sleep at the right time. The recommendation is to go to bed no later than 10pm. It is now considered the most optimal time, because the body has not yet suffered from overload and is able to fully relax and unwind. If you stay up until 11pm, there is a risk to significantly reduce the efficiency of the brain, which, of course, affects and mental characteristics, as well as concentration.

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“Cereal for breakfast”

On the run, with a shortage of time, constant stressed we look for the fastest way to get our day started and cereal is great for breakfast, right? Cereal promoters insist  that this food will not only save time but will also nourish your body.

Scientists have made statements that fundamentally disagree with this logic.  After several studies, they found that cereal products contain too much sugar, salt and preservatives. A healthy diet is quite difficult to achieve consuming these foods from an early morning.

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“Morning Run”

Rays of the rising sun, the fresh breeze or invigorating winter snow crunching under the feet – many see it in the predawn jog and think of it as even romantic. Many believe that morning run is the best way to start your day. Is it?

The truth is that you can run at any time of the day. There is no fundamental difference in this matter. But the early morning jog from the experts there are many questions. It is actually recommended that you start your day slowly, letting your body to wake up gradually. Putting your shoes on and running outside first thing after you brush your teeth can actually  cause tachycardia, dizziness, and problems with the muscles and ligaments.

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“Brushing your teeth after eating”

The fact that you need to brush your teeth regularly is obvious. And, as many experts claim, it should be done even after each meal. But modern research has shown that this is not true. For example, if you eat a lemon, orange or any other citrus fruit, do not immediately run to clean your teeth. The fact that such products are considerably weaken the tooth enamel, and if we start immediately brush your teeth, it can be damaged. If you really want to brush your teeth after each meal, it is better to wait at least an hour and forgo the tooth paste.

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“Drink lots of water”

2 liters of fluid a day – is the amount recommended in many magazines and newspapers dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. The recommendation was determined by the Food And Drug administration of the United States. 1 ml of water was calculated as an equivalent of 1 cal. If daily consumption of calories was 1900 cal, it was believed that the person should consume 1900 ml of fluids per day. In 2004, these rules have been revised, translated, and now doctors are advising to skip the measuring and simply quench the thirst, when it appears, and not because it has to be done.

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