5 Good Habits For Better Sleep

Reading Time: 2 minutesSleep is one of the most common lifestyle habits that take a back seat in our daily life. There are so many studies out there that deem sleep as one of the most important, and healthy things you can do to attain better health overall. There are many tips and tricks you can pick up to ensure that your night sleeps are uninterrupted, and leave you waking up refreshed rather than groggy. Many times we are entertained by the light of the television screen until late hours of the night, and this not only leaves our minds completely stimulated but it also makes it impossible for our bodies to fully wind down. Take a look at the simple habits below to get those wheels turning on incorporating better sleeping patterns.

Avoid Naps!

As tired as your body feels throughout the day, it is important that you do not succumb to taking a nap. If you accidentally sleep too long, it will throw your body clock off, making it almost impossible to get into your REM cycle during the night. Go outside, and get some fresh air if you are feeling groggy. Take a walk, or even get a little workout going to get your blood pumping! Note* Do not work out during the hours that you should be getting valuable Z’s, as this may do more harm than good.

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Assess Your Bedroom 

We have all been in the uncomfortable hotel room that is either way too hot, or way too cold. On top of the temperature issues the mattress, pillows, and amount of light just throw our hope of a good night’s sleep completely out the door. Look around your personal bedroom to make sure the room gets dark enough for you to really turn off, and get ample rest. Alongside of light, make sure the pillows and mattress are comfortable, and conducive to your body. Finally, take a moment to listen to the noise around you and assess whether or not it is too loud. Investing in a white noise machine may be a good investment to block out any unwanted noise from your sleep sanctuary.

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Turn Off the Bright Lights 

TV’s, cell phones, and video games all produce a bright light that stimulate our minds and mess up our sleeping patterns long term. Try and switch off about an hour before going to bed. Whether you spend time talking to a spouse, kids, or roommates instead of entertainment from electronics it will do your body a lot more good. Reading books also helps to wind your mind down in preparation for uninterrupted sleep.

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Eat At The Right Times

Avoid heavy meals, as well as eating late night snacks before going to sleep. Try and avoid the pantry two hours before sleeping. The general rule of thumb is getting a full 12 hours between your nighttime meal, and breakfast for your body to fully digest food will do your body good in the long run. If you are forced to eat later rather than earlier, try and keep your meal choices light, and easily digestible.

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Keep Your Sleep Sanctuary a Sleep Sanctuary

Try to avoid bringing work, and other stresses into your bedroom, as it will cause distraction and bring on unwanted stress. Your bedroom should be a place to turn off and attain peace and quiet. Avoid working, television, and other nuances that will not do your body well when trying to get better sleep.

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